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Bigg Boss 17 11th January 2024 Written Episode 89 Update

Day 87

3:30 PM

Bigg Manager lets the detainees know that they like to mess around so I will play a game with you. All of you will freeze when I say as much. All get invigorated saying their families are coming. They all freeze when Bigg Boss tells them to freeze. He says I will deliver you when I need to. He delivers them.

Ankita races to the nursery and Bigg Manager advises her to freeze. Vicky prods her so Bigg Supervisor freezes him as well. Ankita says I need to wash up. Bigg Manager freezes them once more. Ankita says don’t do this.

Ankita’s mom Shweta goes into the house and all are frozen. She embraces Vicky and meets with everybody. She races to Ankita and embraces her. Ankita cries quietly and says I missed you to such an extent. Her mom reassures her and says its alright. Bigg Supervisor discharges Mannara, Shweta embraces her. He delivers Isha and she races to welcome Shweta. Bigg Supervisor discharges Samarth, Arun and Vicky. He hurries to her and embraces her. Ankita is as yet frozen. Abhishek and Munawar are also released by Bigg Boss. They all welcome her. Samarth says her mom looks youthful. Vicky discussions to her. Bigg Supervisor says thanks to her for coming and says she needs to leave now. She gives Ankita a hug and encourages her to be strong. She follows Vicky from there. Vicky is frozen by Bigg Boss, and Ankita is released. She embraces her mom and takes her from that point. He delivers Vicky as well so he goes to her. Ayesha is also released by Bigg Boss.

Shweta tells Vicky and Ankita that their activities have repercussions outside. According to Ankita, we are doing little. You don’t look like you’re really together. You can battle however don’t abuse words. When I see everything, I can’t sleep. Simply return to your genuine self. Don’t let anyone make fun of the fact that you two are meant to be together. Vicky snickers and says alright. Shweta says be cautious in expressing yourself. Simply be glad. Ankita says he doesn’t pay attention to me. She encourages them to consider their futures after the house. Vicky says she doesn’t contemplate that. He asks who is looking more terrible on camera? She says you both. You have no clue about what individuals are referring to. Vicky says favor me to bear her. She chuckles.

4:15 PM

Shweta tells Vicky and Ankita to invest energy with one another. Vicky claims that I always bear her. Ankita approaches her.

Shweta tells Ankita that Vicky’s family isn’t content with her direct and individuals are discussing it. Ankita says Vicky never stands firm for me. She says you can stand firm for yourself however individuals are responding excessively. Shweta tells Vicky to be each other’s solidarity and have zero faith in others more than one another.

5 PM

Bigg Supervisor freezes everybody the house. Vicky’s mom Ranjana goes into the house. Shweta invites her. Ranjana embraces Mannara. Ankita tells Vicky that his mom is here at this point. Ankita says my saas is here. Ranjana sees Munawar on the floor and says he is continuously lying here. Ranjana comes there and embraces Vicky and Ankita. She also greets Ayesha. Bigg Manager discharges Abhishek, he welcomes her. Ranjana says I didn’t think they were undeniably frozen. Mannara is delivered so she welcomes her. Isha is delivered too she goes to welcome Vicky’s mom. Bigg Manager discharges Munawar and he welcomes her. Bigg Manager freezes everybody and deliveries Ankita. Ranjana pulls her in her lap and says my child. Ankita says your episode became popular. Vicky is delivered so she embraces him and says your daddy needed to come yet I let him know that they are calling moms just so he let me come. All giggle. Ranjana says verse and all applaud. Ayesha embraces her roo. Ranjana says she is extremely beautiful, let us value her now Munawar, all chuckle. She says a verse for pretty young ladies. She is greeted there by Samarth. Ranjana says he is flying overall around the house constantly.

5:15 p.m. Ankita inquires whether Ranjana is enraged by her fights with Vicky. Vicky says don’t bring it up. Ranjana says individuals will call me a vamp saas on the off chance that I say anything, we got Ankita Lokhende so don’t have any desire to lose her. All snicker. Ankita says we love you a great deal, you can chide us whenever you need. Ranjana expresses verse for Vicky’s pleasant nature. Ankita inquires as to myself? Ranjana says Munawar will say some verse. He expresses verse for moms. Ranjana says I get frightened when Abhishek charges at Vicky. Everyone chuckles.

6 PM

All are cooking for Shweta and Ranjana. Munawar says I turned into a cook in the wake of coming here. Mannara says he is lying, he won’t ever cook. Ranjana prods Mannara with Munawar’s name. Arun says she is certainly Vicky’s mom as she is smart with her words.

Bigg Supervisor calls Arun to the admission, he is stunned seeing his significant other there and races to her. The two of them cry severely and she says I missed you to such an extent. Bigg Supervisor says you both can talk here. She tells him to not be miserable, you are major areas of strength for a so don’t be miserable. You must areas of strength for be this as there is a terrible information. He asks what was the deal? She says I was pregnant yet I lost it, I missed you to such an extent. I can’t survive without you. He embraces her and cries. Arun says I was so cheerful. She supports him and says its OK, God took him and I could do nothing. No more crying. We must areas of strength for be. Bigg Boss claims that because your family did not wish for this information to be provided to you previously, we did not inform you. Arun apologizes to his significant other for leaving her and coming here. She says don’t apologize, it was God’s choice, I’m solid and blissful at this point. Bigg Manager says Arun’s better half Malee is major areas of strength for exceptionally. She says thanks to him. Malee says we will appreciate with the detainees and not let them know this. He says alright.

Everyone welcomes Arun’s wife as he brings her into the house. Isha says she is so lovely. Ranjana says he is one fortunate man. Malee welcomes everybody. Arun says I could do without Abhishek. Malee says excuse him as I’m here. She lets Mannara know that she is exceptionally touchy. Despite her love for Ankita, she claims that Vicky is not good with him. He should be missing Sana. That’s what all giggle hearing. Munawar is asked to say some poetry by Malee. Arun says no, he’s a con artist.

Ankita is conversing with Shweta alone, Vicky comes there and asks what was the deal? Shweta says you both ought to be cheerful with one another. Ankita says I’m off-base generally.

7 PM

Ankita lets Munawar know that our moms think I’m off-base in all things. Munawar says simply quiet down and don’t be miserable for the present.

Malee sits with Arun and informs him that you are not flirting with girls, is that correct? He says there are cameras all over the place.

Ankita lets Isha know that things influence my mom a ton and I’m not there to shout out. I don’t try to control my anger; I just show up.

Ranjana lets the prisoners know that Neil and Rinku are as yet talking outside. They all chuckle. Ankita tells Shweta that Vicky impacts me such a lot of that I get bothered. Shweta says do your thought process is correct.

7:15 PM

Ankita sits with Ranjana and inquires as to whether something is off-base outside? Ranjana lets Ankita know that you need to converse with him pleasantly, Ankita says we battle ordinary battles and they don’t show our cheerful minutes. Vicky is so engaged with the game that he doesn’t invest energy with me, you need to converse with him and that’s what let him know. Ranjana claims that you have prioritized the game over your relationship. Your father could do without seeing you both battle. We need to regard our spouses and that is our way of life. Vicky comes there so Ranjana says she requested that I converse with you and put her case. Vicky asks what is her issue? Ranjana says she believes that you should invest energy with you. Shweta comes there as well. Ranjana says we shouldn’t lose our cutoff points, you both ought to zero in on your relationship before game. You both need to watch your words. Ankita asks what words have I utilized? Shweta asserts that even Vicky has stated that he is not her servant; therefore, do not discuss all of this with one another. Ankita says I get aggravated with him yet what’s up words have I utilized? Ranjana says let it be, she tells Shweta to not raise past things. Ankita says we both have battled however fixed up as well. Ranjana tells Vicky that attention on his significant other as well. Vicky says lets simply end it until further notice. He inquires about family health. Ranjana says your dad could do without the show due to battling.

Samarth inquires as to whether she was the primary young lady Arun had? She says he was my most memorable kid as well. I was a geek and a legal counselor however I was discouraged then I tracked down Arun. I told my family I’m going to India to wed him.

Shweta tells Vicky and Ankita that their dresses are looking great. Ranjana says Ankita looks decent in everything except that is not the point. Ankita says she is simply commending us as a mother. Ranjana says I’m your mom as well.

Ranjana speaks poetry to Ankita while seated with the inmates. Bigg Manager calls Ranjana and Ankita to the treatment room.

Malee tells Vicky that Ankita loves him so much, he ought to deal with her. Arun says he is a decent man. Malee tells Vicky to change his demeanor with his better half.

In the treatment room, Bigg Supervisor lets Ankita know that her family is associated with the show and Ranjana could have a comments likewise so I possess organized this by itself energy for you both. Ranjana says thanks to him. Ankita asks what she needs to say? Ranjana says you know our family, your marriage was excellent yet what was the deal? Daddy is extremely furious seeing you both battle. You both have said a downright horrendous words to one another. You have said such awful words to Vicky. When you kicked Vicky then dad called your mother and inquired as to whether she used to kick your dad like that? Ankita says for what reason did he call my mother when she is separated from everyone else? you realize my dad is dead. I’m upset for the terrible words yet I’m in this game as well. Please do not complain to my mother because she is by herself. Vicky does a ton of wrong things however my mom never calls you and gripes about him. You can grumble to me straightforwardly yet kindly don’t drag my departed dad in this. Ranjana says you punch, kick and revile Vicky. Individuals have begun insulting us that perhaps Vicky and Ankita were never a decent couple and you both could have issue prior to coming to the show. I’m advising you to simply watch your words. Ankita says its not my parent’s issue and they have raised me well. Try not to insult my mom about my shenanigans. I am sorry to Papa that I was so wrong. I’m sorry to your family for harming anybody with my words however my goals were rarely off-base. Ranjana says that love is the foundation of your relationship, so show it. Ankita says I show it to an extreme. Ranjana says that your exterior image is good, but please be nice to Vicky. Ankita says you don’t think Vicky is off-base moreover? She says he is off-base however you don’t give him opportunity. You meander around with Munawar and others and he expresses nothing to you except for you don’t give opportunity to him to converse with Mannara. Ankita says I had kinship with Munawar not at all like Mannara. It harms me when Vicky doesn’t laud me and agree with my stance. Ranjana advises you to simply enjoy the remaining days in peace. Ankita says I won’t battle with him any longer. I’m grieved. Ranjana says its OK. Bigg Supervisor inquires as to whether their discussion is finished? Ranjana says our children are brilliant, we can’t show them anything. I simply could do without when the two of them battle we have such a major family. Ankita says I’m grieved.

Shweta tells Mannara that Ankita is very helping and quiet external the house. Vicky and Ankita are extremely fun here. Yet, its down here. There, Ankita appears and gives Shweta a hug. She cries quietly, Shweta says its OK, major areas of strength for be. Ankita says OK.

Arun lets Malee know that he was eager to come here however he quieted down at this point. Malee inquires as to why? you want to show yourself completely before you leave. You need to completely carry on with your life. You will not get this time in the future.

Shweta is asked by Ankita if Vicky’s father called her and complained about me kicking Vicky. Did he inquire if you ever kicked my father in that manner? Shweta says no. Ankita says Ranjana told me lie don’t as well. Shweta says don’t discuss all that here.

Ankita informs Shweta that I instructed Ranjana not to blame her parents for anything, and that she may complain to me but not to them. Shweta says I can respond to her back however I’m simply quiet.

At 9:30 p.m., Munawar informs Ranjana to invite them to her home following the performance. She says Vicky host so many gatherings so you can all come. Ranjana claims that Ankita’s friend Munawar will attend. Who is Vicky’s companion here? Isha says I’m his sister. Mannara says he calls me Punjabi bacha.

Vicky jokes around with Malee and Arun.

9:45 PM

Ankita asks Mannara for what reason would she say she was advising Ayesha to have conclusion with Munawar? Mannara says Munawar needed to provide her sense of finality. Ayesha says I know why he is doing this. Abhishek says he didn’t express it before me. Mannara says Munawar said that he needs nothing with Ayesha so he can simply apologize. Isha says I think you made up those words. What does Mannara say? Isha says you needed to clear your record so you contorted Munawar’s words. Mannara gets out whatever do you mean? for what reason would you say you are doing this? Munawar told Ayesha that he can’t take anything forward with her.

Malee inquires as to why Munawar is sad. he must be fun and solid for his fans. He expresses gratitude toward her.

Mannara asks Ayesha at 10 p.m. whether Munawar did not offer an apology and tell her to let him be? Ayesha says he never said that he could do without me, that is everything you said to me. Mannara asserts that I assumed he meant that. I simply needed to finally accept reality. Isha is saying that I said all that for my fresh start, it looks terrible. Isha tells Munawar that Mannara bent your words before Ayesha so she can make a spot with you for herself. Mannara gets out whatever do you mean? Munawar says I didn’t say all that, Mannara made that up. Mannara says I just let Ayesha know that he can’t take things forward with her any longer. Isha tells Ayesha that Mannara has curved Munawar’s words for her benefit. Vicky lets Mannara know that you shouldn’t have hauled this issue today.

Munawar advises Isha to quit extending this point now.

Mannara explains to Vicky that why for heaven’s sake would she say she is saying that I was lying about Mannara’s words? Isha says I uncovered you so you are yelling now? You like him and that is reality. Vicky advises Mannara to simply say you don’t care deeply about Munawar. She says I don’t.

10:45 p.m., Shweta advises Ankita not to dwell too much on the past. They could do without seeing you discuss him (Sushant I think). What did I say, Ankita? I only discussed his work ethics. I was conversing with Abhishek about him from a nonpartisan perspective. Shweta says you realize how Vicky’s family is.

Isha tells Mannara to not bend Munawar’s words and when I uncover you then you are yelling at me. Mannara declares that you are hell. Munawar lets Mannara know that she can do anything she believes is correct however she shouldn’t have turned his words and made her own rendition to let Ayesha know which was more pernicious for her.

Shweta lets Ankita know that they think you are off-base. Ankita says I battle with Vicky constantly and he kicks me ordinarily. What is the issue with them? consider the possibility that I kicked him with a shoe. it was only a joke. They all are so defensive of Vicky like he is their child. I didn’t drive him to come on the show. Vicky grasps me. I don’t have the foggiest idea why Vicky’s family is pointing such countless fingers at me, I’m not by any means the only one to blame. Vicky doesn’t mind at all when I’m impacted, he is still chuckle. Who else should I look forward to? They figure men can do anything and ladies are simply bound to them? This is off-base. I don’t have the foggiest idea for what reason are they addressing me, I feel desolate this way. Shweta says you must areas of strength for be. She embraces her. Ankita breaks down in tears and states, “I have done a lot, but not enough.”

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