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Bigg Boss 17 13th January 2024 Written Episode 91 Update

Day 87

11:15 PM

Ankita sits with her mother Shweta and cries, she says it influences me when Vicky’s family faults me for everything. My family isn’t saying Vicky is off-base so why they are accusing me? Shweta says let it be, he appreciates when these things occur however you get impacted and cut yourself down. Ankita says I was fine however what I heard has impacted me. Shweta inquires as to whether Ranjana told this to you? She says OK. They are making it muddled for not an obvious explanation. Shweta says Vicky has individuals around him here that is the reason he is calling you peevish and so forth. Its his temperament so don’t allow it to influence you. He continues to mess around so don’t treat this in a serious way.

11:30 PM

Ankita educates Vicky that they need to talk concerning their future together. Vicky asks what is she thinking? Ankita says our kin are provoking us, I’m looking awful all over. Vicky says don’t allow it to influence you. Ankita says I have cherished everybody so it influences me when they question me. I have said a great deal to you, I was kidding when I kicked you with a slap. Vicky says you need individuals to not pass judgment on you and you can do anything. My family doesn’t address me. Ankita says I was sorry to everybody in your family yet it seems like no one is figuring out me. You will not comprehend what is going on, I’m upset for everything, for being so discourteous and unrefined. I have harmed you a ton. I didn’t compel you to come here, you came here all alone and I’m in good company in botches, I have things stacked up in me. I can’t conflict with individuals however I’m letting you know that I simply need areas of strength for a from you. Vicky says come then. Ankita says I need to ask you everytime and that is the issue. Vicky says you continue to find issues with me and it influences me. Ankita inquires as to whether he needs to have some time off? Vicky says we are different in figuring out things throughout everyday life. Ankita says on the off chance that you definitely dislike me, assuming you think I’m peevish I simply need your affection to make it disappear. Vicky says I attempt yet you continue to make faces at me. I don’t control you in anything. Ankita says Ranjana likewise said something very similar. She said if Vicky calls different young ladies here as sisters? why that inquiry? Vicky says she was simply kidding. Ankita says I’m convoluted, you are chill however I’m not. Vicky says everybody is appreciating however you are crabby even today when moms are here. Ankita says sorry.

12:15 AM

Ankita lets Ranjana know that things are disturbing her a ton. Ranjana says say nothing. Ankita says I need to on the grounds that I feel peculiar. Ranjana says don’t talk here. Ankita says you previously talked so allowed me to talk. I have committed errors throughout everyday life. I’m grieved assuming I have harmed you or daddy. Ranjana says simply accomplish something useful and everybody will be content with you. Ankita says I’m not by any means the only one wrong here. Ranjana says Vicky is off-base as well. Ankita makes statements occurred from the two closures yet in the event that I am faulted for everything, I feel awful in light of the fact that I have made great relations with everybody. You haven’t lived with me or with Vicky so you don’t have the foggiest idea how we live. We have a great time like this constantly and its influencing me that my family and daddy is pondering me. I feel terrible when you ponder me. Ranjana says in the event that you don’t pay attention to me then it would look awful. Ankita says you have previously talked. Ranjana says I didn’t come here for this, I came to meet here. Ankita says yet you began all that. Shweta says we chose to not discuss outside issues but rather Ranjana brought it up. Ankita says its OK yet I’m exceptionally upset for harming anybody. Ranjana says I’m heartbroken, I simply maintain that you should be blissful. I was simply letting you know that it didn’t look pleasant when you both battled.

Malee lets Munawar know that she watched his video and it was extremely great.

Vicky embraces Ankita and advises her to quit thinking excessively. Ankita cries and says I’m upset for making statements that hurt you. Everybody thinks I’m the only one wrong here. Ranjana says we simply see what’s displayed on television. Ankita says I’m heartbroken that I have harmed father. I have worked a great deal to procure everybody’s affection so I would rather not lose it. I realize they will fault me when I go out. Vicky says its OK, things occur and I’m upset for my slip-ups as well. She cries and says I don’t feel better when we battle. Vicky says this spot makes individuals battle worry don’t as well.

Malee lets everybody know that Munawar likes Ayesha. All bother her.

Day 88

8 AM

The prisoners awaken to BB hymn. They all dance along with the visitors.

11:45 AM

Bigg Supervisor requests that everybody freeze. Arun’s little girl Juhi goes into the house and searches for her mother, she begins crying so Malee hurries to her and gets her. She carries her to Arun. He is stunned and embraces her. He begins crying and embraces Malee as well. Vicky they are a cool family. Arun shows his girl to the prisoners. Samarth says she is so lovely. Bigg Supervisor discharges Ankita and she gets their little girl. All detainees are delivered and they all welcome Juhi. They all sit with her.

12:15 PM

Bigg Supervisor freezes everybody. He tells Shweta, Ranjana and Malee to take off from the house with Juhi. Shweta embraces Ankita and Vicky. Ranjana embraces them as well. Bigg Supervisor discharges everybody so they all welcome the visitors. Arun cries while expressing bye to Juhi. Malee tells him to not cry, we need to go at this point. Arun doesn’t believe that Juhi should leave. He makes her touch BB board and gives his shirt to Malee. They all express bye to the prisoners and take off from the house.

Ayesha says Vicky is preparing to invite Isha’s mom. Abhishek says you are preparing to meet Munawar’s family for an engagement proposition. Ayesha says kindly don’t say all that. Abhishek says then you shouldn’t have insulted me. Vicky says don’t say all that to her, you are not a faithful companion to anybody. Abhishek says I didn’t battle with you when your mom came so don’t make my temperament ruin now. Ayesha likewise provoked me with Isha’s mom so I did likewise. Vicky says she wasn’t in any event, conversing with you. Get lost. Abhishek says she was provoking me. He charges at him. Ayesha says I wasn’t conversing with him, I was conversing with Vicky. Abhishek says how could she say that Vicky? she was by implication provoking me. Munawar advises Abhishek to quit battling. Abhishek says she continues to insult me yet I can’t? Ayesha says he is off-base. Samarth says he is only a canine, he charges at Abhishek and advises him to get lost.

1:45 PM

Bigg Manager requests that all detainees freeze. He invites Mannara’s sister Mitali in the house. Mannara shouts in energy and says I will be respectable. Mitali embraces her and says I’m pleased with you. She says family is great and they all realize you are here. Everybody enjoys your yakking mouth. Individuals are adoring you for your theatrics. Mannara inquires as to whether she is doing solidly in the show? Mitali says we will discuss it. Bigg Manager discharges Isha so she goes to welcome Mitali. She shows the house to her. Mitali welcomes everybody. Vicky inquires as to whether she talks as much as Mannara? She expresses not in any way shape or form. She says Isha is extremely charming. Samarth says she is additionally adorable, Mitali expresses gratitude toward him. Isha says she doesn’t seem to be Mannara. Bigg Supervisor discharges Ankita so she goes to meet Mitali. Munawar is delivered as well. Mitali welcomes him.

2:15 PM

All detainees come to Mannara, Isha inquires as to whether she doesn’t want to cry? Mannara says I’m recently invigorated. Bigg Manager discharges Mannara and she embraces Mitali. Vicky says you both are unique? Mitali says we are more similar to companions. Vicky asks how is Mannara playing? Mitali says she has no help like others so she is getting along nicely. Vicky says everybody battles here aside from Munawar. Mitali says he is arranged and you are very chill.

2:45 PM

Bigg Supervisor freezes everybody and Munawar’s sister Ambreen goes into the house. She embraces Munawar and cries. Mannara says I didn’t cry like that, we are bold individuals. Abhishek begins crying as well. Ambreen says my sibling cried so a lot, you are our solidarity and buckle down. She rubs his hand. Bigg Manager discharges Abhishek so he welcomes her. Ambreen says he is our solidarity. Bigg Supervisor discharges Munawar and he embraces Ambreen. Ambreen welcomes Ankita and expresses gratitude toward her for dealing with Munawar. She welcomes others as well. Ambreen welcomes Mannara and delicately welcomes Ayesha. Ayesha lets Mannara know that she didn’t embrace me, ofcourse she could do without me. Mannara says I like you worry don’t as well. Bigg Manager discharges Ayesha.

Munawar advises Ambreen to pleasantly welcome everybody. Ayesha comes there and embraces Ambreen. Bigg Manager discharges Mannara and she goes to meet Ambreen and chats with her. Munawar says she is modest. Mannara says he is modest as well. Ambreen says I will tell how he is. Bigg Supervisor discharges Samarth and Vicky. Samarth welcomes Ambreen. Ambreen lets Mannara know that she rambles, you shouldn’t admonish Munawar to such an extent.

3:30 PM

Isha tells Mannara that Ambreen could do without Ayesha here. Mannara says she should have not loved her lead.

Ambreen advises Munawar that he didn’t to impart individual stuff to Ayesha. You were quiet and regarded her. I felt awful when you didn’t shout out however I realize you wouldn’t. Munawar says I would have rather not opened the pandora box. Ambreen says you comprehend that, others don’t.

Ankita tells Ayesha that Munawar’s sister came here in rage. Ayesha says she didn’t look me by any stretch of the imagination in the eyes. Ankita says its her sibling so justifiable.

Ambreen advises Munawar that he didn’t have to give avocation to everybody here about his own life, who are these individuals to make sense of things for? You are in good company as a divorced person, for what reason would you say you were so down? Munawar says I was stressed over all of you. Ambreen says she put so much sh*t on you however you expressed nothing back which shows your personality. Abhishek likes you a great deal. She says Mannara is extremely possessive about you, she rambles. She advises him to shout out as the need might arise, everybody likes it.

Mitali lets Mannara know that you had kinship with Munawar and family is clear about that. He gave you consistent encouragement so he was like Mitali for you here. Mannara says right.

4 PM

Bigg Manager freezes everybody and invites Ayesha’s sibling Shahbaz in the house. Ayesha begins crying hearing that. Samarth says he is exceptionally attractive. Shahbaz goes to Ayesha and embraces her as she is crying. She tumbles down and cries. Samarth says Munawar and Ambreen are there as well. Shahbaz asks how is she? She says OK and gets some information about Nazila. He says she is fine. Bigg Supervisor discharges Munawar and Shahbaz welcomes him and Ambreen. He lets Mannara know that their mother is her fan. Ayesha shows him around the house and individuals. Shahbaz welcomes Ankita and says we have watched you since adolescence. Vicky says he is attractive. Ayesha says I know. Bigg Supervisor discharges Mannara and Abhishek. Shahbaz expresses gratitude toward Abhishek for supporting Ayesha.

4:15 PM

Shahbaz lets Ayesha know that you and Munawar may be right on your places however you both are bad together. Our family could do without you together, daddy could do without him with you. It looks awful for you outside. It seems as though you both love each other in view of being a tease so deal with that, simply treat him as a candidate. You could win the show yet lose your reality with him. Simply fail to remember what individuals are talking about and continuing on. Ayesha inquires as to whether she is looking incorrectly outside? Shahbaz says you can’t make everybody love you. Simply don’t accompany him and keep a separation.

Ambreen advises Munawar to stand firm for himself yet don’t give legitimization to individuals here. I enjoyed Mannara yet I advised her to quit crossing the line with you. She looks frantic.

Shahbaz lets Ayesha know that they are saying you came here for distinction yet in the event that that was the situation, you would have come when Munawar moved toward you to enter the show with him. Ayesha inquires as to whether coming here was an off-base choice? He says no however you ought to have avoided him after conflict.

Ambreen sits with Abhishek and Munawar, she advises them to be dear companions. Abhishek says I was sorry to him yet he doesn’t tune in.

4:30 PM

Ambreen tells Mannara that Munawar actually treat you as a companion. He says he has 3 companions Abhishek, Ankita and Mannara. He didn’t cross a line yet you did. He isn’t phony, he thinks often about connections to such an extent. Mannara says you need me near him as a companion? Ambreen says he doesn’t battle with you since he thinks often about his connections and companions. Mannara says I felt like he enjoys Ayesha a great deal and she loves him too that is the reason he separated himself. Ambreen says Ayesha has harmed him so much, Munawar is being faulted for everything except Ayesha should have some shortcoming as well.

Shahbaz lets Munawar know that he has nothing private with him. Munawar says I’m upset for harming you. Shahbaz says I simply want to find out whether you figure Ayesha did anything amiss with him? Munawar says she shouldn’t have uncovered my own stuff on the show. I had a go at conversing with her alone however she expressed such countless things about me. I needed to say an individual stuff to guard myself.

Mannara lets Ambreen know that individuals are telling not converse with Munawar to show I don’t care deeply about him however I need to converse with him as a companion. I think he is cognizant and doesn’t converse with me due to Ayesha. Ambreen says he doesn’t have anything for Ayesha and I cleared his disarray now.

Shahbaz inquires as to whether Ambreen is annoyed with them? Munawar says she raised me after my mom so she sees nothing right or wrong before her sibling. Shahbaz says reasonable, pleasant conversing with you.

11:15 PM

Ankita lets Abhishek know that he abandoned an apple a sofa. Abhishek says I tossed it there so it doesn’t look messy. Isha says he can never tidy up his soil. Abhishek says don’t converse with me when I’m not. Isha says you can simply toss soil around. Abhishek says don’t begin now, I passed no remark on you. Ayesha advises Shahbaz to proceed to look at their battle. Ayesha advises Abhishek to quiet down yet he yells at Isha. Isha says continue yelling and yapping, get lost. Abhishek says she is desirous that I am back. Isha advises him to get lost. Abhishek says you are a ***********, ****. Isha says you are a ******. Samarth charges at him. Vicky yells at him to not revile her like that. Samarth says this is his norm. Abhishek inquires as to whether he began it or her? Samarth says he is improper. Vicky yells at Abhishek to quit reviling her. Arun says Isha began reviling him first. Isha says he is lying. Samarth drives him away and don’t revile her out. Abhishek says he is pushing me, its off-base. Munawar advises Abhishek to quiet down, he requests that Isha let the camera know that she can’t take this maltreatment. Vicky advises Abhishek to remain in his cutoff, I’m your dad. I will slap you for jabbing others. Abhishek says he is jabbing me. Vicky says I will slap you so hard. Ankita says Abhishek is a quitter. Abhishek says for what reason did you meddle in my battle? I will see who is a genuine dad outside. Vicky says we will see. Ayesha tells Shahbaz that Abhishek can’t continue to revile Isha like this. Ankita says Abhishek is a weakling, Isha didn’t revile him. Abhishek says you are one-sided. Ankita says I was a simpleton to bring you back. Vicky says Abhishek is a *******. Mannara says they are jabbing Abhishek once more. Vicky says Abhishek is a chupri.

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