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Bigg Boss 17 16th January 2024 Written Episode 94 Update


Day 91

8 AM

The prisoners awaken to BB song of devotion, they all dance to it.

2 PM

Vicky discussions to Munawar and says Arun would have rather not taken my name in that frame of mind as a victor. Ankita says Vicky and Munawar think they as of now are in the main 2. Vicky says don’t turn my words like that. Ankita expresses out loud whatever you mean then? Vicky says it brought me joy when Arun was asked who he sees as a champ among Munawar and I. Ankita says everything is all good assuming you assume you are in the best 2. Vicky says you are saying that, I am not. Ankita advises him to quiet down. Vicky says don’t advise me to quiet down. Ankita begins cooking in the kitchen and Vicky tells her to not push things around the counter, he is cleaving. Ankita says simply excuse me. It makes me miserable when I see this way of behaving. Vicky asks what conduct? Ankita says I would rather not discuss it now. I’m harmed now so let me quiet. Munawar says let her be until further notice.

3 PM

Mannara asks Abhishek Isha has accused me you wrongly so often however you are still alright with her? Abhishek says I’m not OK. Mannara says Munawar is as yet looking at Ayesha after she has accused him wrongly so much, they are as yet associated. Abhishek says you like to be a subsequent choice for him? Mannara expresses not by any stretch. Abhishek says then, at that point, don’t discuss him as it seems as though you are sticking after Munawar and envious of Ayesha. At the point when Salman inquired as to whether you like Munawar, it was not in a cordial way.

4 PM

Munawar sits with Mannara and inquires as to whether she is alright? Mannara says everybody is phony here, I don’t want to converse with anybody including you. I loved that basically Samarth and my companionship wasn’t phony. Munawar says you called me coldhearted which hurt me. I have concealed my relationship angle from general society and I’m like that as it were. I’m bad with my connections sincerely. I have done truly beneficial things in life as well. I’m only cheerful as I didn’t come here to make enduring connections here. Mannara gestures and leaves from that point.

5:45 PM

Vicky is prodding Ankita and sits with her as she is irate. He asks how did he respond? she doesn’t say anything and goes from that point. Vicky sits with Mannara and Isha. Ankita comes there and asks Vicky to wash the dishes similar to his obligation. Vicky says you are not a skipper any longer so don’t provide me orders. Ankita gets out whatever’s this approach to conversing with me? try not to battle with me. Vicky says you reserve no option to request that I do anything. He goes from that point. Ankita advises Ayesha to awaken however she is dozing. Vicky lets Ankita know that she has crossed a line now so he will not act now. Ankita says for what reason do you need to battle in all things? Vicky says don’t converse with me any longer, you are not a skipper now. Ankita says you simply continue to battle nowadays. Vicky says you humiliate me before others constantly. Ankita says I won’t converse with you any longer. She goes from that point.

6:15 PM

Ankita comes to Vicky, he says I could do without it when you are not amenable with me. He embraces her and says its OK. He says you humiliated me before others and that hurt me.

Arun has a phony show with Mannara and gets some information about Vicky-Ankita. Mannara says Ankita is unreliable which is harming her relationship as well.

Vicky lets Ankita know that on the off chance that you request me around others, it seems as though we have issues and they ridicule me. Ankita says you proceed to sit with them, I’m a dolt that I came here. Vicky says simply do what you need, he leaves.

7 PM

Ayesha asks the prisoners whose obligation it was to clean the nursery? Isha says Mannara cleaned a tad, you can’t irritate Mannara now as Vicky is safeguarding her. Ayesha says he will cut her down when the opportunity arrives. Ankita says its an off-base discernment to be set on television, it appears as though Vicky is a womanizer and plays with young ladies, he appears to be unfaithful so he wants to stop this kidding. I’m advising you to stop it since you dislike this, in actuality. Vicky says I was excluded from this joke. Ankita says you are partaking in this picture, you had a picture of being a reliable spouse and I wouldn’t care for my significant other to be depicted as unfaithful. You can’t appreciate it. Vicky says Ankita you have begun it. Ankita says on the off chance that individuals kid about me and Munawar, I would stop them immediately. Isha says we will be cautious now and won’t joke like this. Vicky says Ankita is making it an issue and making faces.

Mannara tells Arun that Ankita disapproves of me, I’m stuck between couples.

Ankita tells Isha and Ayesha to not joke and make him look like a coy man. Vicky says they can joke all they need on the grounds that my aims are clear so I couldn’t care less. I’m a jaunty man and mess around with individuals so I permit individuals to kid about me as well. I never make faces at her fellowships so individuals don’t kid about it. Individuals are kidding about this since you are getting impacted, in the event that you advise me to prevent individuals from kidding, I can’t on the grounds that I am not that man.

Abhishek tells Munawar that Isha will separation in 2 months after the show. Munawar says she will separation in 4 months, lets have a wagered.

9:45 PM

Isha rushes to Ankita and says Vicky is dozing. Ayesha, Isha and Ankita race to him. Ayesha sits on bed with him to stun him. Vicky awakens and isn’t astounded. Ayesha says I go by Cart. Vicky tongue in cheek asks where he has roll? Ankita comes there and says he isn’t giving any response. Ayesha strolls around him alluringly and says its hot here. Vicky says then cool down. Ankita says don’t cross cutoff points. Vicky inquires as to whether she prefers him lying around in bed? Ankita says don’t be modest. Ayesha is still in her job and enticing Vicky. Ankita says don’t do this Vicky, its being depicted wrongly on television. Ankita tells Ayesha that I realize you are kidding yet remain in your cutoff points. She says I don’t maintain that this should be vulgur. Vicky says your response makes things look vulgur. Ankita says I realize you dislike this so would you say you are partaking in the tag of being a womanizer? Vicky says I simply need to take off from this house, I’m drained.

10:15 PM

Ankita tells Vicky that she is extremely miserable. He asks with him? She says I don’t have the foggiest idea, since the family came, it has caused me to acknowledge we battled to such an extent. Vicky says don’t think excessively, don’t stress over my folks, I will deal with them. Ankita says I’m frightened of individuals’ opinion on you. You are having a great time however individuals can point fingers at you and I won’t care for it. I stop you since I care about you. Vicky says simply say in a superior way then. Ankita says I vow to chip away at myself.

Day 92

3 PM

Ankita sees a message on the television that now is the ideal time to show what them can do over the most recent 14 days.

4:15 PM

Ankita prepares and asks Vicky how is she looking? He says you prepared without shower? Ankita attempts to kiss him yet he says don’t do this, it doesn’t look pleasant on television. Ankita says I can’t kiss my better half? Vicky says you don’t converse with me entire day and simply need a kiss? it won’t look pleasant then. Ankita gets away from him and says I recently was kissing your cheeks. Vicky says I could do without kissing on television however you never pay attention to me. He furiously leaves.

5:30 PM

Ankita finds out about an undertaking in which BB house will be transformed into homestay manors after the show where typical individuals can come and remain here. The challengers need to have a visit sharing time the crowd why they ought to visit the BB house by discussing various occurrences around the house. There will be two groups.

Group A: Munawar, Ankita, Isha

Group B: Vicky, Mannara, Arun

Ayesha and Abhishek will be judges. Whichever group have a superior visit around the house will win the errand.

5:45 PM

Ankita shows the house around to Ayesha and Abhishek. Isha shows them lounge room and afterward take them to the heart house. Ankita discusses her battles with Aishwarya there. Munawar shows Abhishek the couch he used to play on with Khanzaadi.

Vicky, Mannara and Arun give a visit around the house. Mannara invites them to the parlor. Vicky lets Ayesha know how her process was entire in this house.

The assignment closes. Ayesha and Abhishek pick Group B as champs so Vicky, Ayesha and Mannara get vouchers.

Ankita lets Isha know that they will go out traveling after the show. Isha inquires as to whether Vicky will go alone? Ankita says no, I will go with him.

9:45 PM

Munawar lets Mannara know that he is being typical with her after his sister came, she let him know that his fellowship with her was real. She let me know that they could have done without you crossing the line with me. Mannara asks what’s the issue between us? Munawar says its nothing. Mannara says don’t battle with me. Munawar says I don’t battle with my companions. Mannara says you think I’m your aide? Munawar says you spat such a lot of toxin against me. I’m pleased that I actually stayed calm and composed. Mannara says you simply need to show how decent of an individual you are. You change your sentiments consistently yet you need to just show your greatness. Munawar says we can talk transparently. Mannara says don’t turn my words. Munawar says you are so brimming with yourself, you think it was my mix-up as it were. Vicky and Samarth were faulting you for not naming me yet you didn’t stop them. I give you regard so you regard me as well. Mannara says you believe I should fail to remember everything? I was harmed too when you separated yourself without any problem. Munawar says Samarth was left with you so I was unable to converse with you. Mannara says you might have come to me then, at that point. Munawar says give us an opportunity to fix the kinship. Mannara says I didn’t realize we would get joined. Munawar says we are alright at this point? He leaves.

Isha tells Vicky that she isn’t picture cognizant like Munawar. Abhishek continued faulting him for not standing firm for him so Munawar became cognizant. Ankita says Munawar keeps feelings of spite. Isha says Munawar continues to change his assertion like clockwork. Vicky says his sister let him know that all is great outside so he isn’t giving significance to Ankita and others now. Isha says he effectively played the casualty card. Vicky says he is so phony.

Munawar lets Abhishek know that he was finished conversing with Mannara, it was depleting for him.

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