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Bigg Boss 17 19th January 2024 Written Episode 97 Update

Day 96

8 AM

The prisoners awaken to BB song of devotion, they all dance to it. Ankita insults Mannara to be content at this point. Mannara says I’m not normal for you. Ankita says goodness crybaby.

3:30 PM

Ankita peruses the undertaking wherein there will be two groups.

Group A – Ankita, Vicky

Group B – Munawar, Arun

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Abhishek and Mannara will be judges of the errand. In the undertaking, Vicky and Ankita will be guardians of a doll, Ayesha is a salesman who needs to sell washroom cleaning fluid to them. In group B, Munawar and Arun will be single men and dealing with their phony pet. Isha will be their salesman and attempt to offer similar fluid to them. The salespersons need to pitch for their fluids and the two groups need to utilize it to clean their tiles. Whichever group performs better according to Abhishek and Mannara will win the errand.

3:45 PM

Ankita and Vicky are behaving like guardians. Ayesha attempts to offer fluid to them and plays with Vicky. Ankita gets out whatever’s going on? Ayesha says this fluid will clean their psyches. Vicky purchases the fluid from her. They clean the tile utilizing the fluid.

Munawar and Arun play in the undertaking. Isha attempts to offer fluid to them. Munawar names his pet Chintu and Abhishek chuckles. Isha says deal with him then, at that point, and utilize my fluid. she cleans the tile for them.

Mannara and Abhishek report group B as victors so Munawar, Isha and Arun win.

8:45 PM

Ankita asks Vicky what is he taking from the show? He says individuals will remember me now? She says sure. Munawar messes with Abhishek that he is at long last giving chance to Ankita. Ankita tells Vicky that he used to talk distinctively with her previously. He asks how? she doesn’t say anything. She says we must be affable towards one another. We have perceived how we veered off-track yet presently we realize that my response changes things between us yet I love you. Vicky embraces her. Abhishek lets Munawar know that they don’t have a bond as a couple. Ankita tells Vicky that he is the best spouse.

10:30 PM

Vicky asks Mannara what is she doing? She says I will rest subsequent to making such countless adversaries. Vicky inquires as to whether she misses anybody from the show? Mannara says no, everybody was phony. Ankita calls Vicky so Mannara says I anticipated that so go there. Vicky says you figure you will not be companions with Isha now? Mannara says no, she has changed totally after Samarth left. Vicky goes from that point.

Vicky inquires as to whether he did anything wrong? She says no. Vicky says you were giving me a look when I was conversing with Mannara. She expresses not the least bit.

Mannara tells Abhishek that Isha is such a b*tch, how could you bear her? He says she is great. Mannara says OK, she is engaged in her game, she isn’t quite as profound as me. Abhishek says she is reasonable however she has something that is the reason 2 people were wild about her. I like her propensities still.

11:15 PM

Ankita sits with Ayesha, Isha and Vicky. Ankita says Mannara provoked me saying I had plastic medical procedure. Vicky says I’m exhausted with this subject. Isha says haven’t you seen what Mannara has said? Ankita tells Vicky to proceed to sit with Mannara, don’t agree with her stance. Ayesha tells Vicky that he ought not be protective about Mannara. Vicky says I simply need to examine Mannara any longer. Ankita says you are agreeing with her stance, you are conversing with her which is fine.

Really great for you however there will be responses outside to this. Vicky says you are saying that. Isha says she was provoking Ankita on plastic medical procedure, would you say you are alright with that? Ankita says I’m attempting to not battle with Vicky however I have an assessment so don’t pass judgment on me on that. Isha says Ankita has at long last responded to Mannara in light of the fact that she has shown restraint for quite some time. Vicky says how might I stay away from this? Ankita’s tone was off-base too with Mannara, I could do without this. Isha says for what reason would you say you are both battling due to her? Vicky says I could do without Ankita’s response like this. Isha says kindly don’t battle now. She tells Vicky that he ought not be agreeing with Mannara’s stance. Vicky says I simply need to shut down this we have 8 days remaining. Ankita says I don’t meddle in your battles so don’t meddle in mine. Ankita tells Vicky that he might have stayed away from Mannara after the battle however he didn’t. Vicky chuckles and gets out whatever’s this response? Ankita cries and irately leaves. Isha tells Vicky that he shouldn’t have chuckled at her. Vicky goes to keep an eye on Ankita.

Ankita cries so Vicky and Isha go to her. Vicky asks what happened now? She tells Vicky that she has lost all certainty with him, she feels like he snickers despite her good faith when I attempt to give my point. I’m the wrongest individual you got hitched to. Vicky says you are going overboard. Ankita says I can’t make some noise since you begin giggling at me and smothering my perspective. I’m attempting to not battle with you but rather check your response out. You have a perspective in everything except I can’t? simply don’t converse with me. She tells Isha that I feel like I am dumb on the grounds that you both don’t pay attention to me when I talk. Isha says I was agreeing with your stance. Vicky leaves from that point. Ankita lets Isha know that you both giggled at my viewpoint, would i say i was kidding? he is my significant other and chuckling at me?

Munawar asks Vicky what was the deal? Vicky says it was our own point, let her quiet down.

Ankita tells Isha that I am attempting to adjust with Vicky, I would rather not battle before others yet he has made a joke out of me. Vicky comes there so Ayesha says let them talk however Ankita says no, you both can remain here. Ankita tells Vicky that she is attempting to conceal their issues, you don’t give regard to my viewpoints. Vicky says you truly think so? Ankita expresses out loud whatever you need to do? I’m not happy imparting my insight before you.

Munawar lets Abhishek know that couple can address anything here. Vicky can deal with all issues here yet can’t deal with his better half? they need to consume this existence together and they can’t this way. Vicky’s less guide is that he offers consideration toward every other person however not as much to Ankita.

Ankita tells Vicky that she can’t deal with him snickering at her. Isha says he wasn’t chuckling at you. Ankita tells Vicky that she feels exceptionally low before him, similar to her perspective is dumb that is the reason he chuckles at her.

Ayesha tells Isha that Vicky ought not be supporting Mannara’s side, he was off-base. He doesn’t allow Ankita to shout out which isn’t correct. Isha says I could do without seeing them battle like this.

Ankita cries and tells Vicky that she is looking unreliable and she is detesting it. Something is the matter with her, if it’s not too much trouble, help me. Vicky embraces her and expresses out loud whatever might I at any point do now? Ankita says simply let me be. Vicky expresses out loud whatever have I fouled up? I have consistently supported you. I never question you when you give time to Munawar. Ankita says I feel like you pay attention to Isha more, on the off chance that I say exactly the same thing then you don’t tune in. I feel like my better half doesn’t pay attention to me, trust me however every other person. I feel like I am extremely low for you, its not really great for me. Vicky embraces her and says its OK. I’m heartbroken assuming I did anything wrong, I swear I grasp you.

12:15 AM

Mannara lets Arun know that you were likewise thinking to not go after young ladies in the assignment. I would have rather not gone after Ayesha on the grounds that she could swoon. Ayesha says don’t discuss me. Mannara says I’m talking for the most part. Ayesha says you were discussing my swooning. Try not to discuss my wellbeing. Mannara says let me be. Ayesha says don’t discuss me, quit claiming to be great. You are ridiculing my wellbeing? Mannara says I wasn’t. I was talking by and large. Munawar asks what was the deal? Ayesha says she was discussing my blacking out, I don’t need that in light of the fact that my mother is kidding. Arun says she wasn’t kidding about your wellbeing. Abhishek says you ridicule her appearances as well. Ayesha expresses its about my wellbeing. I told her serenely to not discuss me. Mannara yells that she simply needs to battle consistently. Munawar says she was simply talking for the most part. Ayesha lets Mannara know that she told her pleasantly to not discuss her. Arun lets Mannara know that they didn’t have pity on us so screw them. Ayesha says do I get out of hand with you? Arun tells damnation with you individuals. Mannara yells that Ayesha simply needs to cause a situation. Munawar educates Mannara to not talk concerning her blacking out before her that is the reason she responded. Mannara says then she might have overlooked me. Isha says Mannara arrived at the finale utilizing 3 others and presently discussing others’ wellbeing. Abhishek says Isha is looking wannabe.

Mannara educates Arun that I wasn’t in any event, talking concerning Ayesha’s wellbeing, they are insane.

12:30 AM

Mannara insults Ayesha that she is futile here. Ayesha says get lost. Mannara says I will send you out of the house, you are a weak young lady in this house. Ayesha expresses out loud whatever’s off with that? you are not adult. Mannara says you are a piece of the terrible group. Mannara says the country settled on your issue with Munawar. Munawar says don’t bring me up. Mannara says Ankita and you individuals simply assault in gatherings. Khanzaadi was far superior to Ayesha. Ayesha says you will conclude that? Mannara says you individuals simply need film from Munawar. You continue to run behind him however he doesn’t give you film so you came rushing to me. Ayesha says you were ridiculing my wellbeing. Your name is even phony so what I can say, you have no singular game. Mannara says I’m the main young lady in the finale week so continue to catch fire. Munawar advises Mannara and Ayesha to stop it. Ayesha says why? she continue to insult me.

1 AM

Ayesha goes to Mannara so Munawar says kindly don’t begin once more. Ayesha says I just came to mind Arun, on the off chance that he is OK as he thought often about my wellbeing to such an extent. Arun says amazing. Arun says they don’t have any idea who will leave so they are going off the deep end. Ayesha lets them know great evening and leaves. Abhishek jokes that Isha is likewise looking awful. Isha says you counterfeit individual. Abhishek goes to Isha and says she looks awful. Isha says get lost counterfeit Kumar. Mannara says Isha is biting the dust for Abhishek.

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