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Bigg Boss 17 20th January 2024 Written Episode 98 Update

Day 97

8 AM

The detainees awaken to BB song of praise, they all dance to it.

11:45 AM

Vicky jokes around with Mannara, she is sorry for coming to his room. He says its your room as well however you have transformed it. Mannara says you have great energies here so left it alone.

12 PM
Mannara gets some information about her garments. Ankita lets Isha know that she is doing it purposely to make me desirous. Isha says simply overlook her, she is meddling between a couple. Ankita says Vicky ought to quit conversing with her, for what reason would he say he is not ready to quit conversing with her? he realizes she is conversing with him intentionally and he doesn’t stop her.

12:15 PM

Vicky lets Ankita know that she looks pleasant. She says proceed to commend others, I will slap you. Vicky expresses out loud whatever is off with you?

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Bigg Supervisor lets the prisoners know that their fans will come to an occasion this evening. You individuals will engage them. I’m sending an essayist Mankush to assist you with scripts. Mankush goes into the house and says I will sit with all of you and compose your contents.

12:30 PM

Mankush gets some information about others? she says Munawar isn’t faithful in companionship.

Isha tells Vicky that Mannara is deliberately making Ankita desirous. At the point when you are with Ankita, she comes there and attempts to converse with you. Vicky gets out whatever’s my shortcoming? I just addressed Mannara.

12:45 PM

Ankita embraces Vicky and expresses check me out. Vicky says I realize you will slap me? She says I’m heartbroken and says I love you a great deal. He giggles.

Mankush asks Isha what she needs to discuss? She says Mannara is brainless and arrived at the finale as a result of others.

Mannara is singing in the kitchen and Vicky engages her. Ankita tells him to not jab her, avoid me. Vicky prods her.

Mankush converses with Abhishek, he says Ankita discusses playing from heart however she is wanton.

2:30 PM

Ankita is crying alone. Otherside Ayesha tells Vicky that in the event that your better half dislikes somebody, you can quit conversing with them right? Could you like on the off chance that your significant other discussions to the individual you could do without? Vicky says I’m simply being ordinary with Mannara. What’s my issue? she have no control over me when I’m simply being ordinary.

Ankita tells Isha that Vicky is making this issue greater, I generally approved of Mannara. He doesn’t comprehend that its stinging me, I had assumptions from him and he couldn’t care less. He gives me 0 basic reassurance.

2:45 PM

Vicky advises Ankita to quit battling with him. Ankita says you realize I have an issue yet you simply couldn’t care less, this is your existence. You simply never figure out my feelings. Vicky expresses out loud whatever’s the issue with you? Ankita says you are wonderful so let me be and continue to chuckle. Vicky says you continue to affront me. Ankita says you simply doesn’t grasp me, go from here. Vicky indignantly leaves.

Mankush converses with Arun and composes the content for him.

Vicky lets Ankita know that she is making issues for not an obvious explanation. I won’t converse with Mannara any longer. Ankita says you can converse with her yet don’t engage her to an extreme. Vicky says you generally respond this way, I simply don’t maintain that you should affront me any longer, I will not have the option to take it.

3:15 PM

Mankush is sitting with Mannara, Ankita comes there and says I would require time with you as well. Mankush says OK, I will give you time.

Ankita tells Ayesha assuming she is off-base in this? I simply need to quit feeling things.

3:30 PM

Ankita tells Ayesha that Mannara is requiring some investment with Mankush. Mankush says simply allow me 5 minutes with her more.

3:45 PM

Ankita tells Vicky that I can’t lose myself for an individual who couldn’t care less about me. Mannara is sitting with Mankush for such a lot of time. Vicky says that is my shortcoming as well? She educates him to not talk regarding her in the occasion this evening, don’t even think about simmering me. Vicky giggles at her and says let me compose, you will partake in my content. She says I don’t need happiness from you.

5:30 PM

Mankush helps Ankita recorded as a hard copy the content, she says thanks to him.

Mankush sits with Munawar and wishes him karma. Mankush welcomes everybody and goes out.

9:30 PM

Ankita tells Vicky that their relationship is becoming poisonous, we have no heart in it any longer. It doesn’t feel like we need one another. Vicky says you began it. You have failed to remember our life outside, you simply don’t have the foggiest idea where to express out loud whatever. Ankita disregards him.

9:45 PM

Vicky asks Ankita what’s going on with her? he didn’t realize they would resemble this in the show. Ankita says you continue to insult me. Vicky says you continue to affront me without an idea.

10 PM

The lights switch off. Bigg Manager inquires as to whether they are prepared? they say OK. Bigg Manager says the crowd is hanging tight for them in the nursery. The contenders come to the nursery and the crowd roots for them. Bigg Supervisor lets Munawar know that it was your expect to perform for in excess of 50 individuals right? Munawar says it will be vital. Vicky says the nursery looks best today. Bigg Manager expresses its about diversion so lets invite Krushna.

Krushna goes into the house and the crowd supports them. Bigg Manager invites him and says we want to believe that you will be important for the show soon. Krushna says I can do anything for that. Krushna says Vicky said he loves the nursery today, I mean there are a great deal of young ladies here. Ankita looks on. Krushna says Ankita looks pretty. Krushna says the finale is close so Munawar-Mannara are nearer as well. All snicker. Krushna says Ankita is close to the truth that Munawar isn’t her companion any longer. Krushna says the couples are made in paradise yet Munawar’s matching is finished on IG. All chuckle. Krushna says I will invite Sudesh as his accomplice. Sudesh welcomes everybody. Krushna messes with him. Sudesh says I watch Bigg Supervisor since I’m a washout. all chuckle. Krushna asks who he loves? Sudesh says I like Ankita and Vicky. Sudesh says Vicky has become popular at this point. He will bring the prize back home for Ankita. He inquires as to for what reason does he continue eating oranges while battling with Ankita? Krushna says it gives him the lift. Sudesh lets Mannara know that she has a pleasant face why continue to turn her? all snicker. Krushna says he is such a failure that he even scoffs at Vicky. However, mannara says Vicky is attractive. Sudesh lets Isha know that she resembles his girl as she is constantly confounded. Sudesh says the best player this season was BB. He says who is Arun? I haven’t seen him much. Krushna says he arrived at the finale. Sudesh says I honestly love Munawar, I lost my young days however I can do a music video on the off chance that you need. All snicker. Sudesh kids about being frightened of Abhishek as he would slap him. He kids about Abhishek losing his affection to Smaarth however I will continue on. Abhishek expresses not by any stretch of the imagination. Sudesh kids about Munawar having stowed away bhabhis (young ladies). He kids about Isha being a jabbing sovereign and character killing others. He kids about Ayesha being hanging around for the prize and while possibly not then she would swoon on the stage. Sudesh kids about Vicky paying attention to Mannara over Ankita, he jumps at the chance to behave recklessly.

Bigg Supervisor says thanks to Krushna and Sudesh for beginning the show. He requests that Abhishek start his parody.

Abhishek: he says I’m here with my own diligent effort not at all like Vicky. He kids about Vicky playing with his sovereign. He kids about Arun being lost. He says I’m companions with Munawar and the normal component is young ladies. I don’t get a solitary one and he keeps them on reserve. He calls Ayesha as a naagin (snake). She played Snakes and stepping stool with Munawar. He says Isha’s down is 0 that is the reason she is designated and I’m in the finale week. He says I have broken her self image in light of acting naturally. All applaud him.

10:45 PM

Krushna calls Vicky.

Vicky: He says nothing is phony among me and Ankita however even I am stunned on account of her responses. He says Munawar changes in light of the end of the week’s criticism. He isn’t just lord of timing yet in addition ruler of double crossing. All applaud him.

Ayesha: She says we as a whole go through security check at the air terminal however Ankita will have an uncertainty check, all snicker. She says Mannara’s down was old that is the reason I brightened up her face in the errand. She says Mannara continues to say she cares very little about marriage however she has an interest in wedded man. She insults Munawar for being a casanova.

Isha: She says Abhishek arrived at the finale utilizing his hands as it were. She says I need to ask Munawar what is he? She says how a young lady be essentially as idiotic as Mannara? she arrived at the finale on account of Munawar as it were.

Arun: He says individuals insult me for meddling in battles however basically I don’t meddle between darlings like Abhishek. He says I need to say thanks to Ayesha and Isha for showing me dramatization shooting live. He kids about Vicky being terrified of Ankita. He says no one had a decent companionship with Munawar so its generally their shortcoming and not Munawar’s. All chuckle.

Ankita: She kids about being the main couple in the show left however they are broken. She says I had a decent companionship with Munawar however he said his main lament would break the jug, I mean he is a cap (extortion) himself. She says in the event that Abhishek knew how to regard young ladies, he would have a young lady. She insults Vick for checking different young ladies out. She says I’m attempting to remain here for quite a while so basically my significant other would pay attention to me. Anything I do yet I will be associated with my Pavitra rishta (unadulterated connections).

Mannara: She says I won’t discuss myself as everybody is discussing me. She insults Munawar that he has numerous young ladies behind his prosperity. She says Munawar has no long-lasting sentiments. She says Ayesha plays games in the house including casualty card, lady card, wellbeing card and, surprisingly, sentiment card. All applaud her.

Munawar: The crowd supports him. He says the big names are here and Vicky as well. All snicker. He says I previously ate goats and a few hogs are remaining. He says Arun has a comparability with Bigg Chief, both shouldn’t be visible. He says Mannara has such countless articulations that even the mirror is finished with her. She says Mannara’s moniker is a doll and that is the reason Ankita has an issue since she needs to be the main doll that Vicky can play with. All snicker. Ankita could do without it. Munawar says Ankita continues to say the television is her folks’ home yet she has exceeded. He kids about sending everybody back to the passage. He says Vicky and Ankita are fixated on Mannara. He says they didn’t believe that we should win the errand so they utilized flavors however we likewise applied flavors on them in a spot I can’t talk. All giggle. He insults Vicky for being here a result of his significant other as it were. He says I didn’t kid about Ayesha yet I will say a verse. He says you disdain me however believe that I should remain with you, even today you wanted me to get acclaim. All applaud him.

Bigg Supervisor expresses gratitude toward Krushna and Sudesh for coming. They all welcome them and leave the show.

12:15 AM

Bigg Manager says the peak is remaining. Lets get some information about disposals. He asks Vicky, Ankita, Ayesha and Isha to prepare for the disposals. The crowd will conclude who will be killed today.

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