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Bigg Boss 17 21st January 2024 Written Episode 99 Update

End of the week Ka Vaar

Salman invites everybody to the end of the week episode. He says one will be killed today.

In the house:

Bigg Supervisor lets the detainees know that its the ideal opportunity for the ends and it will be concluded by the crowd that came today. He advises the crowd to project their votes prior to going out and place their votes in a container. They generally cast their votes and take off from the house. Ankita sits with Vicky and says she adores him, I could do without these games. Vicky says don’t think excessively. Ankita says I could do without individuals remarking on my own life and you ridiculing it as well.

Bigg Supervisor advises the challengers to sit tight for the outcomes.

Ankita tells Vicky that he wouldn’t generally approve of individuals connecting her up with another person, I could do without individuals connecting you up with others. He says I’m worn out on your concerns, I’m finished with jokes and contentions. It doesn’t matter to me your thought process, you couldn’t in fact take a joke. You respond too unequivocally, its hard to manage you any longer. Ankita says you never converse with me typically. Vicky says you are not being strong, I don’t figure out you by any means.

Munawar lets Ayesha know that he is upset for what occurred and he will constantly be. Vicky embraces everybody

and Mannara lets him know that she messed around with him. Bigg Supervisor asks Vicky, Ayesha, Ankita and Isha to stand together. They all keep hands intact. Bigg Manager says its time that one of you need to leave. He says the disposed of prisoner is Ayesha, he requests that she emerge from the house. Ayesha embraces Isha and Ankita. Ankita tells her that she merits the best. Ayesha embraces Mannara and wishes her karma, she welcomes Munawar and others. She goes out. Ankita cries quietly.

Munawar lets Mannara know that he was so glad to perform for the crowd, I would have such a decent rest this evening.

Ankita asks Vicky on the off chance that she was connected with another person, could he like it? I don’t thoughtfulness regarding others like you. Vicky says you connected up my name with Mannara and it turned into a joke. I would rather not stand by listening to you contend any longer. I’m finished with you. You don’t help out me by any stretch of the imagination. Ankita says I love you, I could do without individuals connecting you up with others. She embraces him and cries. She says I could do without individuals kidding about you, I’m truly heartbroken. I regard and love you to such an extent. You have done a great deal for myself and I’m attempting to be an ideal best for you. Vicky says its alright, I love you. Ankita says I’m possessive about my better half.

Ankita embraces Mannara and says disliking pointless contentions and allegations around every one of us.

In the first part of the day:

Ankita messes with Vicky that a crow is winking at him. Vicky says for what reason would you say you are saying this? Ankita says I mightn’t? I’m not a doll of yours. Kindly don’t contend with me any longer.

Abhishek tells Munawar that Vicky isn’t figuring out Ankita.

Isha lets Ankita know that she shouldn’t respond to Mannara’s jokes. Ankita says Vicky turned around when I’m conversing with him, he pivots towards her. Ankita asks Vicky in the event that he truly have something with Mannara as individuals are kidding so a lot. Vicky says kindly quit saying this. I’m finished. Ankita says I simply needed clearness assuming he cares deeply about Mannara. Isha leaves from that point. Vicky solicitations Ankita to shut down this, its actual off-base. Ankita says I’m simply requesting genuine assuming you care deeply about her? Vicky says I’m advising you to shut down this, its aggravating me. You have ruined our relationship with this.

On the Stage:

Shahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon come on the stage with Salman. They all dance together. Salman says Kriti has arrived at this season for the second time now. Kriti says I came to meet with Salman. Shahid and Kriti advance a film together.

Salman interfaces the call to the house. He lets the detainees know that they have a few visitors. He calls Shahid and Kriti on the screen. All prisoners are glad to see them. Kriti lets Munawar know that he never expressed verse for her so kindly do today. He commends her excellence. Komikcast Kriti asks them who is lost in others words in the house:

Isha: She says Mannara is contorted in a way that would sound natural to Munawar.

Munawar: He says Mannara is lost in the most natural sounding way for her since everybody can really impact her point of view, she continues onward back on her words.

Kriti advises the prisoners to present themselves as different detainees.

Munawar: He becomes Isha and presents himself as somebody who continues to meddle in others’ matters. I have 2-3 beaus in each sequential I do.

Ankita: She becomes Vicky and presents herself as him, she says Vicky came here to have some good times and play with individuals’ brains yet I attempt to adjust my wedded life and just finished here.

Mannara: She becomes Munawar and presents herself as him as he needs to be separated from everyone else and continues to make game arrangements. In the event that I am compressed, I simply say some verse. I talk with Mannara with eye to eye connection as it were.

Isha: She becomes Mannara and she copies her face looks. She says she believes that Munawar should adore her, she has gained from low-class individuals here. I can discuss others’ characters yet nobody can do likewise with me.

Arun: He becomes Abhishek and says I’m very much like this, my companions are the ones who simply concur with me.

Abhishek: He needs to go about as Ankita, he says I play from the heart however that is only an expression. I have such a major heart that I couldn’t in fact track down genuine companions. I love my significant other such a lot of that I am not shaky by any means. I did nothing in the show here except for I’m in the finale since I did Pavitra Rishta at one time.

Vicky: He emulates Arun and says I just arrived at the finale by stowing away, I utilize my language to debase individuals.

Salman closes the call.

Shahid and Kriti advance their film, they leave the stage.

In the House:

Ankita tells Vicky I am possessive about you however I’m not uncertain, I blew up so I was off-base. You have kept me cheerful constantly. You don’t have to answer anybody saying you don’t keep me cheerful. I love you to such an extent its my issue, it was never your shortcoming and I love you. Vicky embraces her.

On the Stage:

Salman says one week from now will be the amazing finale. He says I will welcome certain individuals here. He associates the call to the house and lets the detainees know that here I can converse with you individuals. I would rather not guide you any longer. I will converse with individuals near you which implies your loved ones. He says your family has begun conversing with the media in the wake of going to the show. Their perspective is more grounded than you individuals. They imparted a ton to the media so we supposed in the event that they have conclusions so lets allow them an opportunity to discuss you individuals once more. You individuals can watch us when I converse with them yet they won’t realize that you are tuning in.

Salman invites Ankita’s mom Shweta, Vicky’s sister by marriage Reshu, Mannara’s sister Mitali, Abhishek’s mom Sandhya and Isha’s dad Ashish. He invites them all. He inquires as to whether she concurs with everything he said to Abhishek about his outrage? She says you were correct. Salman says Abhishek continues rehashing exactly the same thing out of resentment. Sandhya says he has paid attention to you and controlled his resentment. Abhishek blesses hearing that. Salman inquires as to whether he Abhishek resembles this main, in actuality? Sandhya says he gets down on some unacceptable individuals automatically. Sandhya says his dad is something similar, he is extremely personal as well. Salman educates Sandhya that Abhishek raised modest things concerning Isha in the show however at that point he acts typical with her so did they preplan this? Sandhya expresses not the slightest bit, they are simply kids so they don’t have the foggiest idea. Salman says Isha has accused Abhishek yet you explained numerous things. Abhishek’s dad ought to have slapped Abhishek to make him a superior individual. Sandhya says I don’t have the foggiest idea what occurred with Isha and Abhishek on the set. Salman inquires as to for what reason did they spit such a lot of toxin against one another? Sandhya says they are both off-base.

Salman lets Ashish know that he grasps his sentiments. Ashish says Isha has paid attention to his recommendation a ton and dealt with it. Salman says she began appreciating getting slammed toward the end of the week episode. Ashish says she wasn’t similar to this in the house.

Salman asks Vicky’s sister by marriage Reshu for what valid reason Vicky’s mom didn’t come today? Reshu says she isn’t well and quick. Salman says she wasn’t fasting when she conversed with the media. Reshu says Vicky’s mom expressed a few things in the media which she shouldn’t have, she recently was defensive of her child. The media conversed with her and bent inquiries before her. I have been a piece of this family for a long time and I’m extremely content with them, they aren’t moderate in any way. Shweta says Ankita goes to their family home and partakes in her time there to such an extent. Vicky’s mom didn’t live with Ankita so she could have a few errors seeing all that on television. Reshu says Vicky and Ankita are extremely fun individuals, they even have a good time with my children. Vicky’s folks found it odd that Ankita kicked Vicky yet we as a whole realize they have a good time appreciate that constantly. Vicky’s mom got a ton of calls and individuals griping that Vicky and Ankita are battling a lot of so Vicky’s mom began giving explanation in the media to explain. Salman says I see all that however how could Vicky’s mom say that they never needed Ankita? He gets some information about Vicky and Ankita as a wedded couple? Reshu says they are recently hitched individuals. Vicky voyages a great deal for his business so Bigg Manager was whenever they first spent together for day in and day out so they had a few battles yet I think their battles were shown excessively. I think they are a tomfoolery couple yet just their battles are shown. Salman says we show what they are doing, we aren’t making anything up. Reshu says you are correct, we could have done without seeing them battle. Salman says Vicky’s mom gave an assertion to the media that they were consistently against Vicky and Ankita’s marriage yet they let it work out. Reshu says she implied that it was it was a between projected marriage and not an organized one. on the off chance that they could have done without Ankita then the marriage could not have possibly occurred. Shweta says we went there for roka to their home, they invited every one of us so energetically. Reshu says we could never have invited them energetically in the event that we didn’t need this wedding. Shweta says I don’t have the foggiest idea why she gave that assertion. Salman says perhaps its the issue of her fasting. Salman says she likewise gave an explanation that Vicky is liable for Ankita’s all uses. What’s going on with that similar to his obligation. Reshu says its Ankita’s right. Salman says she could say something similar for your better half who is her subsequent child, she would agree that the equivalent for her own significant other? your mother by marriage additionally said that Vicky sincerely put resources into Ankita as well as monetarily. She would have said something similar for you on the off chance that you were in the house. Salman says we as a whole realize that Ankita truly does well herself expertly and on the off chance that Vicky wedded a big name, he probably realized that it implied spending a ton on their requests and support. I feel like Vicky’s mom and you have a larger number of requests than Ankita at the present time. Reshu gives him a miserable grin. Salman says you are not saying that, I am expressing that for Vicky’s mom. I realize she comes from her family home and out of nowhere the media is overall around her so she gave a few assertions carelessly however she needed a superstar girl in-regulation yet didn’t have any desire to manage this that accompanied her. Salman inquires as to whether she could have continued to apologize to Vicky’s mom like that? Reshu says no, on the off chance that it wasn’t my shortcoming then I wouldn’t. Salman says Ankita continued to apologize to Vicky and his mom for not an obvious explanation. Shweta says she is extremely frightened of losing her connections. Salman says I comprehend that, she needs to continue to hold her connections. Reshu says she was saying ‘sorry’ from her heart yet in the event that I was in her place and it wasn’t my shortcoming then I wouldn’t apologize. Ankita embraces Vicky subsequent to hearing all that. Salman lets Reshu know that its an issue among Ankita and Vicky so the guardians shouldn’t meddle in this. They ought not be conversing with the media. Vicky’s folks are conversing with the media about Ankita who is regarded in the business and Vicky needed to wed her. Reshu says OK, we were all content with their marriage and regarded their marriage. Salman says then, at that point, Vicky’s mom shouldn’t have given those articulations. Salman says she said all that in light of her adoration for her child. Like I conversed with Abhishek’s mom and she plainly said that her child and Isha both were off-base. Reshu says Vicky was to blame as well. Salman says Vicky’s mom continued to say that Vicky isn’t like this. Shweta says she probably understood her mix-up. Indeed, even I was stunned in the wake of seeing her proclamations in the media since they have consistently adored Ankita. Ankita doesn’t have a clue about this, Vicky would be harmed hearing all that. Salman lets Reshu and Shweta know that it’s the ideal opportunity for Vicky to stand firm and let his mom know that she really wants to quit meddling in this, it’s his and Ankita’s issue. He ought to let his mom know that he ought not be making a fracture among a couple. Reshu says Vicky let Ankita know that they will deal with issues with their folks together, he would manage this with Ankita close to him. Salman says I comprehend where Vicky’s mom is coming from. Their child is on television so the family members are reaching out. He says Vicky’s mom ought to prevent accepting calls from her family members since they are envious so they are jabbing her and making fun out of this present circumstance. Furthermore, Vicky’s mom is getting jabbed by them. The family members should be provoking Vicky’s mom that they shouldn’t have brought a young lady from the entertainment world in their renowned family. Be that as it may, Ankita is from a very much presumed family too. No one knew Vicky or his family yet everybody in India knows who Ankita is. He says family members jabbed Vicky’s mom since they are envious, I don’t fault Vicky’s mom. She shouldn’t have quite recently given these proclamations. She ought to remove those family members from her life any other way she will be a hopeless woman. He lets Reshu know that today Ankita is their objective and tomorrow it will be you since you came here today. He tells Reshu that Vicky’s mom ought to comprehend that her family is a higher priority than her family members. He says Ankita never needed to come to Bigg Chief however she came here since she needed to come here with Vicky. Reshu says they are both high-headed and need an equilibrium. Shweta says they were glad prior to going to the show. Reshu says they simply should be cool-disapproved.

Salman converses with Ankita’s mom Shweta and says you told Vicky and Ankita to control their words? Shweta says OK, I never figured Ankita would battle with Vicky like this. She was quiet at first however at that point their battles continued to occur so she impacted at Vicky. Salman says we likewise advised Ankita to play separately and stand firm for her perspective however she shouldn’t have crossed a line as a spouse. Salman tells Shweta that Ankita was behaving in a particularly stately manner however at that point she totally different after the family week and particularly over the most recent 3 days. She is likewise saying that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what’s befalling her. Shweta says she needs everyday reassurance and becomes shaky when she doesn’t get that. I realize they will be ordinary subsequent to emerging from the house. I realize they are feeling the squeeze of the show also which made her baffled. She had assumptions from Vicky yet he is exceptionally easygoing and chipper so she figures he doesn’t give her time and becomes uncertain. Vicky and Ankita hear all that. Arun says there are two groups now, Ankita Versus Vicky. Vicky insults and asks Arun which group would he say he is supporting? Arun says your life is getting obliterated on television and you are kidding? Ankita advises him to stop it. Vicky says he shouldn’t have kidded about it.

Salman asks Ankita’s mom Shweta for what valid reason Vicky and Ankita continue to include Isha or others in their battles as their guide? Shweta says they ought to address issues among themselves yet Ankita generally talk about her issues with her dear companions. Her dearest companion of hers is Reshu.

Salman requests that Mannara’s sister Mitali give lucidity on Munawar and Mannara’s relationship. He says Mannara likes Munawar, we as a whole could see it. Mitali says Mannara resembles this main, my mom used to give her point of view on things, in actuality, too. She had never seen Bigg Chief and it was my mom’s choice to send her inside, we as a whole suspected BB was about charming things. My mother deals with Mannara’s work so she said that Mannara will work under Salman so it’s completely fine yet I told her that it’s an undeniably challenging show. Mannara had no clue about legislative issues, she has been an ecstatic young lady for her entire life. Salman says the competitors who have no clue about the show bring their own appeal and Mannara remained in the show till now on account of her natural nature. I’m simply inquiring as to whether Mannara likes Munawar? Mitali says I have to take a hard pass, she simply needs an individual to give her point of view. Munawar has upheld her a great deal. I asked Mannara and she said he was like Mitali for her in the house. They are companions, I simply know that. I realize Mannara is a fair young lady, she was called names and so forth over the most recent couple of days. I heard Ankita kidding about Mannara’s family and called her a stepdaughter. Ankita is stunned hearing all that and says I never said that. Mitali says Mannara is remaining without anyone else till here in view of her psychological strength. Salman inquires as to whether Ankita ought to be stressed over Vicky and Mannara’s fellowship? Mitali expresses not in any way shape or form, Mannara even let Ankita know that she will ensure Vicky’s relationship with her remaining parts Pavitra (unadulterated) and she would try and reprove Vicky assuming he wanders off-track.

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Salman tells Isha’s dad Ashish that Isha has solid stands however for what reason does she disregard her connections in that? she doesn’t regard her seniors. Is it true or not that she resembles this outside also? Ashish says we never had any grievances from Isha from the sets. Salman says you think her way of behaving was here?

Ashish says when I went in the house, I told her that she turned out badly in certain positions. I even told her that her jabbing level went over the line. Salman inquires as to whether he loves Samarth and her relationship? Ashish says we will sit together and have a discussion about it. Then, at that point, we will endorse it. Salman asks Ashish that Isha never had a decent relationship in the house, why? Ashish says she never changed her position in the house, she is solid. You offered her guidance and she paid attention to it. Salman says she doesn’t pay attention to us any longer. Karan gave her criticism and afterward she said that she is like this just and won’t change. She is turning out badly. Isha is miserable hearing all that.

Salman thanks the relatives for coming. He wishes karma to Reshu and says in the event that anyone converses with you about BB in the house, advise them to converse with me straightforwardly, she says sure. Shweta says kindly offer guidance to Ankita too to be solid and handle things with certainty. Salman says I want to hear all of you. The prisoners snicker after hearing that. Salman tells the relatives that you individuals didn’t avoid featuring their bad behaviors. Reshu says when they emerge from the house then the family will feature both of their slip-ups, and, surprisingly, Vicky will be reproved for his missteps. Salman says however Vicky’s dad called Ankita’s mom and said all that to her? Shweta says I don’t have the foggiest idea when Vicky’s mom told this to Ankita in the house. I couldn’t ever have brought it up in my life. I wish Vicky’s mom didn’t discuss it on television. Salman expresses gratitude toward them for coming. They all leave.

On the Stage:

Salman says they didn’t realize that the prisoners were hearing them. He associates the call to the house. Vicky says the families are concerned as far as we’re concerned. Salman says your family definitely approves of you, they generally disapprove of Ankita and Ankita’s mom approve of you so you are protected. He asks Vicky who is correct and wrong in this? Vicky says our relationship is our own choice so its our obligation to safeguard our relationship and feelings. There were a few false impressions which we ought to have explained, we really want to address our course first prior to conversing with our loved ones. I will converse with my family however mainly, we make things right between us first. Ankita says I have become extremely close to home in this house.

Salman lets the detainees know that I need to discuss what happened for this present week in the house. There was a person death of somebody and Isha is generally a piece of it. He asks Isha how frequently she was named in the season? just multiple times. Salman asks Isha how might she legitimize let Mannara know that she is a characterless lady, arrived at the finale holding others’ underpants, you give kisses to your chief. For what reason do you stoop on such an individual level in your contentions? what’s your goal? He says Ankita passed individual remarks on Mannara as well. Salman says even Vicky said that Salman would take our class since we as a whole corrupted Mannara this week. He asks Isha for what good reason would she say she was focusing on Mannara? I comprehend Vicky battling with Arun and Ankita battling with Munawar however for what reason would you say you were focusing on Mannara? Lets discuss you meddling in Vicky and Ankita’s contentions, you never attempt to settle them. You were ridiculing Ankita when she was going off the rails mentally. Isha says I thought it was a joke however Ankita got truly stung. Salman says we as a whole know that Vicky and Ankita are going through troublesome times so they all give them space yet you meddle among them and give them wrong proclamations.

Salman lets Ankita know that you continued to say all through the season that you generally side with the right. In Munawar and Ayesha’s issue, you were agreeing with Ayesha’s position yet when you lost in an undertaking then you were heard advising Mannara to smell Vicky’s socks. So what’s your actual way of behaving? you are befuddling individuals. Might it be said that you are honorable, refined or this modest young lady is your world? Mannara snickers and says this is her world. I attempt to grasp Ankita however she continued to go after me in the undertaking. Salman says I’m exhausted of you saying that it occurs with you as it were. It occurs with everybody, for what reason do you continue to say that why you are gone after as it were? He says I want to believe that you paid attention to your families today. He closes the call.

In the House:

Abhishek tells Munawar that Mannara’s family wouldn’t approve of Isha and Ankita insulting her like that. Munawar says Ankita was in any event, provoking Mannara’s approach to procuring.

Isha apologizes to Mannara for her cruel words. Mannara says I was telling you to not go on that level. Ankita says I was sorry to Mannara yet I’m more stressed over my loved ones. I couldn’t care less in the event that Mannara takes my statement of regret or not, individuals have expressed modest things here as well, I’m by all accounts not the only on. She leaves.

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