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Bigg Boss 17 22nd January 2024 Written Episode 100 Update

End of the week ka vaar

Salman shows Anil Kapoor the ATC. He asks where could your contenders be? Salman says we have seven contenders. They have been prepared throughout the previous 3 months. One week from now is their vitally flying test in our finale. This show is a disaster area. Anil says they have eyes on the objective. Salman says see Munawar, he lost his rocket yesterday. This is Ankita, she has a weight of assumptions and her soul mate. Anil says Vicky? Salman says everybody has tried their relationship. This show has been his most dreaded fear. He needed to somewhere else yet the control tower had different orders. This is Mannara, she knows every one of the energies. Arun has battled significant battles under the cover. Isha is the most youthful who battles for fearlessness. This is Abshihek, she is a warrior of affection. Anil says would they say they are prepared to focus on one another? Salman expresses yes one week from now.

Salman invites everybody to the end of the week ka vaar. Salman says certain individuals stop time, similar to Anil Kapoor. Salman says a distinction for us you’re here. This is our last end of the week ka vaar. the battle to the finale has begun. Anil enlightens him concerning his film Warrior. They sing Salman’s child Dil Deewana.

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Salman meets the contenders through a video interface. Salman expresses one of you will get to see his film outside. Munawar sings a sonnet for Anil Kapoor. Mannara says I’m a major find. Mannara sings tum se mil kar. Salman asks Ankita how are you now? She says I’m great at this point. He says Anil needs to let you know something. Anil says you generally dislike Vicky right he doesn’t say in support of yourself or value you. Today he will let us know five things that will demonstrate you are spouse no. 1. Ankita says he should think a ton. Vicky says she was consistently a companion, I used to tell her she would keep that house joined together. She’s exceptionally dedicated. The third thing is she is exceptionally really in front of her and heart. She doesn’t lie. She says how things are. At the point when our relationship began she used to trust me a ton. This moment it’s flimsy however I really want to believe that she begins confiding in me and us once more. Anil says she’s an excellent entertainer today. Salman says you won’t ever track down a preferred accomplice over her.

Anil says all of you get an opportunity to send off your rocket. Pick one and shoot it for the individual who needs it. Isha comes. She picks habits rocket. Isha says I want to call Abhishek. She’s extremely impolite. She gets forceful. Salman says it relies upon where this rocket would hit. Ankita picks diversion. She says Arun, has engaged individuals less. Vicky picks unjustifiably. He says Munawar, must be fair in his relations. Mannara picks truth. Mannara says she says she has veritable bonds. I attempted a great deal to trust that yet when I made a bond with Vicky, I attempted a ton. I don’t have any idea why we didn’t get along. I didn’t see reality in her. Ankita says I generally began and you said you needed no association with me. Abhishek picks the cerebrum. He says Mannara doesn’t think carefully. Munawar picks unwaveringness. He says Isha stays caution and discusses her companions on their backs. Arun picks lucidity, he says I would give it to Munawar. He has no lucidity in his relationship. Anil ass Abhishek and Munawar to pick their warrior gifts from the store room. He says you’re all contenders. Anil Kapoor leaves.

Salman invites the Dance Dewanee cast. They let Salman know how propelled they are about the show. She says sir we love you a great deal. Salman wishes them karma. He sees them off. Salman says I will give you one uplifting news adn one awful. The uplifting news is, this is last end of the week ka vaar. You were being decided in favor of Appy Bubble genius of the show. The individual who won was Mannara Chopra. Mannara gets cheerful. She gets her hamper. Salman says Isha, Vicky, and Ankita are assigned. The individual whose excursion is finishing today is. Isha. Everybody is stunned. He says your process closes here. Isha is stunned. He expresses rest of you congrats. You’ve come to the finale. He says nicely done Isha. Isha says you’ve provided me with a ton of direction. It’s no joking matter for me that I came to this stage. Much obliged, everybody. Salman says I want to believe that you really do well in your life.

Vicky embraces Isha. Isha says it’s fine. Ankita embraces her. Ankita cries. Ankita says I want to stop this. She cries. She says I’m exceptionally glad for you. I want to be like you. Mannara embraces Isha. She embraces Arun. Abhishek cries too. Isha embraces Abhishek adn says congrats. Abhishek cries. Arun says let her go. Isha says it’s fine. Ankita embraces Isha and cries. Abhishek wails in the corner. Munawar attempts to reassure her. He says I didn’t believe that you should go. Isha says it’s fine. He says I’m upset for everything. She says I’m sorry as well. Isha says our part closes here, I won’t utter a word terrible about you, and neither do you. The very best, and play well in your excursion. She embraces Mannara. Abhishek cries in the corner. Isha tells Ankita it is Thurs in the wake of coming so close. Yet, it’s fine. Ankita embraces her. Isha says it’s fine. I will see you outside. Munawar shares with Abhishek don’t get so impacted. You maintained that her should lift the prize. Abhishek says don’t do this at the present time. You expressed something outside as well. Try not to do this, I will be OK. Is it true or not that she is crying? Abhishek says no. He inquires as to why this occurs. For what reason do I feel terrible?

Isha leaves and says thank you Bigg Chief. Much thanks to all of you. I will see you all outside, we will party. Do well in the finale. Ankita says thanks to her for everything. She leaves. Abhishek cries. Ankita cries as well. Abhishek goes to the washroom. Ankita embraces Vicky and cries. Abhishek says for what reason do I feel terrible.

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Munawar says isn’t great that a rivalry went. Didn’t you suppose she’d come to the best 5? Abhishek says I’m not pondering the main 5 at this point. Mannar says I thought she was more grounded than Ankita. Ankita shares with Vicky when I remained at your family’s home did your family at any point figure out we battled? He says we battled a ton. You know hit you in a joke. Vicky says you’ve expressed a great deal of things. As a result of us, our family is irritated. On the off chance that we see our future children battling we will be impacted as well. Ankita says you have a clarification for everything. Vicky says you won’t ever comprehend. We generally don’t need to answer. I’m not letting you know your slip-up. Ankita says I can’t perceive you any point.

Abhishek says Isha’s folks won’t let her discussion to Samarth. You get this opportunity, in the event that you harm a young lady’s picture you lose it. Abhishek says her mother is extremely severe. Ankita says mummy said she didn’t need this marriage. Vicky says she said they had doubts. Ankita says didn’t I change for your loved ones? Vicky expresses in light of us our family is stigmatized is it terrible? Ankita says I did everything. Abhishek expresses once in a year. You can’t say I did everything. Ankita says didn’t I acknowledge your loved ones? He says they never annoyed you by the same token. He says OK. Ankita says have I at any point shown I’m from this monster? He says pretty much nothing remained to be shown. Ankita says I don’t have the foggiest idea how to expert mummy after her large articulations. Vicky says all will be great. They will address when things go south. When we’re doing things right nobody will address. Ankita says we attempt yet it’s agonizing.

She says all that has been screwed up. Salman sir told me to not depend excessively. He inquires as to whether this is Ankita Lokhande. Ankita says I can’t talk before you. I generally surrendered. He says you generally say. Ankita says I would rather not battle. I need to resemble how I was. I will express sorry to mummy. He says all will be well. We were OK so she was fine. Ankita says we had battles, yet she never got to be aware. Ankita says she got to realize I know. Ankita says we never told her. Vicky says we can’t generally just contemplate ourselves. She says I wasn’t the main wrong one. Vicky says you can continue to battle. Ankita says you never acknowledge yours. Vicky leaves.

Abhishek says I feel terrible. I maintained that you should be in the main 5. I realize you will in all actuality do well throughout everyday life. I’m grieved. He cries.

Salman requests that everybody vote in favor of their #1 competitor. He says Sohail and Arbaz will go in to chill. Sohail and Arbaz meet everybody. He says our control room will conclude who will come to the finale. Sohail says Munawar is the helicopter of this house. Every one of his flights were dropped in view of the terrible climate. He says Abhishek’s flight likewise felt. Arbaz says she lost her opportunity. Arbaz says Munwar we got you twofold XL garments since you have such countless exes. Arbaz says Mannara are you Munawar’s companion or Ankita’s frailty. She makes statements are cool after yesterday. They praise the finalists. Sohail tells Arbaz you can’t fly since you’re a hitched man now. Arbaz says wedded life is lovely. Sohail says have you seen Vicky Ankita? Vicky says everybody has seen my encounters. Vicky says Ankita you make sense of to Vicky. She gets out whatever do I make sense of, you tell me. You have more involvement in relationships. Arbaz says nobody can make sense of or comprehend Vicky. He says Mannara is an airplane, whoever sits in this art gets an accident arrival like Khanzadi. Whoever turned into Mannara’s companion got expelled. Mannara says they didn’t pay attention to me. On the off chance that Anurag paid attention to me he will not have been removed. Arbaz says Munawar tune in. Mannara says he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Munawar says I can do nothing in the event that she’s envious. Sohail asks the number of individuals that figure Munawar doesn’t give terminations. Sohail says he took Samarth to the passage. Arbaz says Abhishek likewise expressed that about Isha. He says I truly regretted saying that when she was leaving.

Arbaz says now you need to respond to us with signs like an air master. Arbaz asks who has just taken a business class seat and sat idle. They all say Arun. Arun says it doesn’t matter to me their thought process. The crowd needed me here so I’m. I couldn’t care less about these individuals. Sohial says who is economy class? Ankita says we are here with our diligent effort. Does Sohail ask who needs a breathing device? Munawar says Ankita. She’s depleted by what’s going on among her and Vicky. She gets depleted. It’s something individual. If Vicky had becom.

Sohail says have you figured out your rivals? Arba,z you need to a the most non undeserving? tell? That individual will remain before the tank and get an impact. Munawar says Arun. He’s somewhat undeserving. He dozed for half a month. He never made any genuine relations. Arun gets his face darkened. He says the crowd adored me that is the reason I’m here. Ankita says Arun. We have all seen, that he made no relations. His game was powerless. Arun says they are desirous. I don’t sit with such phony individuals. Mannara says for me it’s Ankita. Her words don’t match her character. She’s dishonest. Sir likewise told her the equivalent. We can’t sort out what was valid. Assuming that Munawar is her companion for what reason would she say she is regretting him being in the last? Ankita says you can’t let me know what I could have done without. I didn’t say I could have done without him being in the last. Mannara says she said she has no assumptions except for I’ve seen her being envious of her companion as well. Ankita says she thinks just she knows how to make kinships. Munawar and I understand what we had and we talked about it. Mannara says she stands up clearly that I made tea for you in battles. Ankita says I never expressed that to you. I rarely say. Arun says you expressed it to your better half. She says it’s my better half so you avoid it. Mannara says she did a represent me. Ankita says I said nothing regarding you. Mannara says you said go protest Vicky’s lap. These were your words. Ankita says I previously expressed sorry about it. Ankita’s face gets darkened. Abhishek says it’s Arun for me. His feedback has been less in the game. He used to sit with us and call us counterfeit. Arun says your game is simply battling with individuals. Vicky says Arun. I had a decent bond. Yet, I understood his companionship is just about his own necessities. On the off chance that he doesn’t require you he will discard you. He just ponders himself. Indeed, even Tehelka needed to leave the show while supporting him. It was his concern, not Tehelka’s. Arun says Tehelka and I stayed standing for one another. Arun says they are terrified of me. Mannara says he’s never been phony with me.

Sohail says you are meriting on the grounds that all of you made it here. They hit the dance floor with Soahil and Arbaz on chill. Arbaz and Sohail wish them karma and see them off.

Abhishek tells Mannara you said you realized who might go. For what reason did you offer a two-faced response? She says I don’t think Ankita has the right to win. Abhishek says you said Arun and presently you changed. She says the individual who faked doesn’t merit it. Abhishek says you don’t for even a moment match your own words. She says don’t for a moment even inquiry then. Ankita shares with Arun Abhishek is calling me a charlatan. She didn’t show her character. Abhishek says you said a name yesterday. Mannara says I didn’t take a name. He says don’t show me this demeanor or I will take you to the passage. She says you will take me to the passage? Check your self image out. He says don’t do this to me. Mannara says don’t yell at me. You are feeling uncertain. Abhishek says she’s behaving like Isha and Ayesha. Munawar says she says something and afterward changes the words. She remembers all that others said. Abhishek says she’s childish.

She said to such an extent. Munawar in the event that you question her out of nowhere you will not be her most loved any longer. She jumps at the chance to jab. Abhishek says precisely.

The challengers meet writers. BB says they question one another. Be that as it may, today they will be addressed. Coming to the finale is so troublesome. All of you will confront the press with your inquiries. I invite them to the house. A writer asks Munawar Ankita said you didn’t merit being here. You never really was here. Your dearest companion believed that. Munawar says three weeks prior she said we’d both be remaining in the last 2. Ankita says you said it. He says it’s fine. Individuals go against their own selves. At the point when Ankita quiets down she will acknowledge I worked. I’m meriting that is important. A columnist says my inquiry is for Ankita and Mannara. Both of you share one thing for all intents and purpose, the condition with Vicky. Furthermore, second that you both make fellowships with heart however you both do character death. How is it from the heart. Ankita says we don’t share Vicky practically speaking. He is my significant other so I have a lot greater relationship. Mannara says and my sibling. Ankita says when this excursion began Mannara was no place in our lives. We previously battled. As a spouse, I thought Vicky shouldn’t converse with her.

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