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Bigg Boss 17 24th January 2024 Episode 102 Update

Day 99

2:45 PM

Abhishek peruses the message on the screen that there will be a court day today.
5 PM

Mannara asks Ankita what does she feel? I feel like you are attempting to tell Vicky something however you can’t. Ankita says he isn’t expressive and exceptionally lighthearted, some of the time he really wants to see the value in his significant other however he doesn’t. I continue to see the value in him yet he won’t ever do. Mannara says I realize that sentiment component is absent.

Munawar tells Vicky to not be uncertain of Ankita and Mannara’s companionship now. Vicky says I am so happy they are talking.

6 PM

The prisoners come to the nursery and track down columnists there. Bigg Supervisor says you individuals have burned through 99 days here and became finalists. I realize it was a troublesome excursion, the media is here with their inquiries for you. They can begin their inquiries. The columnist inquires as to whether her battles with Vicky are wanted to be seen more? Ankita says I plan nothing, my sentiments are genuine, if I needed to show an ideal picture then I wouldn’t battle. Vicky says there isn’t anything more natural than a couple battling. The writer asks Vicky that you said Abhishek could win since he was tossed out? Likewise you said you ought to regard your better half, you assume you were off-base? Vicky says Abhishek shouldn’t have lifted his hand and I simply figure I ought to have been more amenable with Ankita. The columnist asks Munawar that Ankita said Mannara arrived at the finale without taking any kind of action, do you concur? Munawar says Ankita has negative suppositions regarding everybody, she ought to quiet down and see that everybody has attempted to be here.

The writer inquires as to why he thinks Munawar is being phony? Vicky says he was quiet in any event, when Ayesha’s claims, people have feelings yet he doesn’t. Munawar says I’m a quiet individual. The writer inquires as to whether he assumes he has functioned as hard as others? Arun says I don’t make futile battles like them. The columnist asks Ankita that you individuals continue to say you play from heart yet why you keep character killing Mannara and others? Ankita says I simply thought Mannara was attempting to make battles when I was disapproving of Vicky, she was jabbing me for not a glaringly obvious explanation. Mannara says Isha, Samarth and Vicky were with me at my low time so I regard them. The writer inquires as to whether Vicky can’t be a decent spouse since he is excessively engaged with the game? Ankita says Vicky’s temperament is giving significance to everybody, he needs to show what him can do as a decent player. The writer inquires as to whether Munawar could stand firm for him as he gets done for him? Abhishek says when Samarth came and I was finished, it was Munawar just who upheld me, I upheld him and associated with him from heart. The columnist inquires as to whether Mannara is their companion? Ankita says I have to take a hard pass. Munawar says she is my companion in some cases.

The writer asks Mannara that she never regarded any young lady in the show, you kept character killing young ladies and, surprisingly, ridiculed Munawar’s ex and his child. You have deceived others however at that point you play a casualty card. Mannara says I can apologize for that, this is my genuine self and my kinship with Vicky was veritable as well. Ankita says she was jabbing me when I was generally disliking Vicky, she continued to insult me. Mannara says I wasn’t attempting to jab her, Vicky might have quit engaging me however he didn’t.

Ankita says Vicky isn’t that way, I told Vicky to pick his need. The columnist inquires as to whether she needs to have some time off after the show? she asks Vicky when will he stand firm for his better half? Vicky says Ankita and I are extremely vocal, we in all actuality do have contentions which is normal. The columnist says Vicky was seen saying that he would slap her however they are on television so he wouldn’t. Vicky says we as a whole do botches as people however we aren’t similar to this, in actuality. The writer asks Vicky that at whatever point he is stood up to toward the end of the week episode about Ankita, he generally tells her that it was her shortcoming, she is sorry to you in any event, when you are to blame. Vicky says this relationship is generally vital to me, we are agreeable that is the reason we share everything straightforwardly.

The writer asks Ankita for what good reason does Vicky continue to raise Mannara in your battles? Ankita says our battles expanded due to my responses. There isn’t anything happening among Vicky and Mannara. The writer asks Ankita for what good reason does she continue to apologize? is it safe to say that she is terrified of losing her relationship on account of her past? Ankita says OK, I have a things which makes me frightened of losing Vicky. The writer asks Munawar for what reason is his relationship so powerless in the house? you utilized young ladies to arrived at the finale. You continued to utilize Mannara, Ankita and Ayesha to go on in the show, would you say you are not ready to deal with your connections? Munawar says I have never meddled among Ankita and Vicky, I have never involved young ladies in the game. The writer says your companionship with Ankita was powerless to the point that it broke in an errand? Munawar says I didn’t hurt her in the errand, it broke due to her futile assumptions.

Ankita says I was simply attempting to converse with him yet he didn’t. The columnist asks Abhishek that he continued to share with not pass individual remarks but rather you continue to go individual in your battles. Abhishek says I never raise private matters myself. Isha used to raise old things. The writer asks Munawar that your own life was raised in the show however it helped you a ton as everybody is supporting you now. Munawar says you are giving me that data, I’m humiliated that my own life was raised. My fans support me since they know me. The writer asks Abhishek that you continued to fault Isha however you additionally ridiculed your relationship with her in the show. Abhishek says I’m close to home so when Isha used to raise old things, it would hurt me a ton. There was a point that I chose to retialite yet I can apologize for my way of behaving.

The writer asks Vicky that you continue to tell Ankita that they need to return home after the show however he doesn’t think something very similar for him? Vicky says it was only a joke. The writer inquires as to whether the animosity is only for BB or for outside as well? Abhishek says I get hyper early however I’m attempting to control it. The columnist lets Mannara know that you call others wannabe and frantic however you looked frantic calling others characterless, you have utilized Munawar to arrive at the finale. Mannara says I associated with Ayesha however she passed remarks on me which caused me to feel off-kilter. I simply figured Ayesha shouldn’t have been frantic to come to the show. Ankita says Mannara stoops so low in the battles, she has issues assuming Munawar concentrates completely on others. Mannara says you stooped low as well, you advised me to smell Vicky’s socks so you can’t discuss stooping low. The writer inquires as to whether he was compromising his fans with the passage remark? Munawar says I don’t discuss other’s characters, I simply let them know that I will toss them out of the house. The writer tells Vicky that you associated with Mannara in light of the fact that you were desirous of Ankita and Munawar’s fellowship? Vicky expresses not the least bit, I gave opportunity to Ankita so I needed something similar from her. Ankita says I generally approved of him being companions with Isha and Sana. I generally disapproved of Mannara in light of the fact that she used to jab me with it. Mannara says I won’t converse with Vicky from this point forward. Munawar says Mannara jabs Ankita utilizing Vicky. The columnist asks Munawar that individuals actually don’t comprehend his game he actually concealed things from the fans, you lied about Nazila as well. Munawar says its my own matter, they need to be familiar with my own life so I lied. The writer inquires as to whether he can’t win then he could fault his adoration life? Munawar says I won’t win without a doubt yet I ever fault my activities for any disappointment.

The columnist asks Ankita that you continue to set a story for Vicky, you called him a womanizer. Ankita says I recently was telling him to not seem to be that. It was an off-base word. The columnist asks Abhishek that he shared with Munawar that its alright, battles occur with young ladies, undertakings occur yet I simply need to say beating and manhandling young ladies isn’t masculinity. Abhishek says I never said that, I was supporting Munawar. The writer says you were conflicting with all ladies. Abhishek says I was simply supporting him, I let him know that he was at botch. The columnist says you are as yet behaving like wrong occurred with Munawar. Abhishek says I generally say that I was the matter with Isha, I attempted to defeat my animosity. The columnist asks Vicky that your significant other cried and hurt on account of you just and afterward you continue to raise your blessings on her, you never give her credit for bringing you here. Vicky says I’m generally grateful, I acknowledge that I might have been more affable to her. The writer asks Ankita that you said your television companions would uphold you in the show however when you come out then you individuals say you need support from Bollywood as it were. Do you need Bollywood or television? Ankita says I’m glad for be a television entertainer, its in every case near me. I’m nothing without television. The writer asks Abhishek that you cried when Tehelka left after he lifted his hand on you yet when you slapped Samarth and brought back, as a stately man you might have said that you have the right to leave the show. Abhishek says I’m meriting that is the reason I’m here, I did a slip-up and apologized for it. Arun says the battle was among Isha and I yet Abhishek began meddling so it drove Tehelka mad as well. Abhishek says I just told Arun to not get out of hand with Isha so Tehelka and Arun blew up at me.

The columnist asks Ankita that Vicky was standing out at first in the show so you raised Sushant, you befriended Munawar. Was it a procedure to certainly stand out back? Ankita expresses not the least bit, Abhishek is Sushant’s fan so he conversed with me about him. I simply needed to commend Sushant on this stage, I’m pleased with his excursion and I knew him the best so to accept him as a motivation then I needed to converse with him about Sushant. The writer asks Munawar that you were attempting to explain things with Mannara yet later on you let Abhishek know that she was giving you migraine, isn’t that being double confronted? Munawar says I was simply worn out on the discussion. Mannara says he had a double face, he said that Mannara comprehends him the most however at that point he separated himself, he ought to have figured out me too. He had energy to converse with others for a really long time yet can’t converse with me. Munawar says she likewise said that I don’t merit this stage, I was very much like she gabs. Mannara says he said that I ought to move past him yet he doesn’t give clearness in connections.

The columnist asks Vicky and Ankita assuming that they will take couple’s treatment after the show? Vicky says I can apologize to her at this moment, he sits kneeling down and apologizes to her. Ankita says don’t do this. Vicky says now and again I don’t understand about my missteps however today such countless individuals are educating me regarding my mix-ups and presently I’m understanding that I could have been the matter with Ankita here. I’m pleased to her better half and have never avoided giving her credit. I lost all sense of direction in the excursion and dismissed my relationship with her yet I will make it dependent upon her, he lets Ankita know that he will amend his missteps. Ankita embraces him and says my television individuals committed him understand his errors.

The columnist asks Mannara that you call Munawar your companion yet you were seen ridiculing his unfortunate foundation with Samarth. He is staying there with you today. Mannara asks when I ridiculed his unfortunate foundation? Mannara says I never ridiculed that, I have never been a responsibility to anybody. Bigg Supervisor lets Mannara know that it was not Mannara but rather Samarth ridiculing Munawar’s experience so their realities are off-base. The writer asks Abhishek and Munawar that they can wind words to escape circumstances, one has a lady blender tag and the other one has a lady miscreant tag, do you truly merit being here? She says Munawar apologizes for his mix-ups however at that point continues to kid about it as well. Munawar says they bring superstars and in the event that we were all holy people then this show wouldn’t engage. I have done missteps and I’m upset for that, I will deal with things when I go out. I’m meriting on the grounds that I showed my genuine character. The writer says you even guaranteed Ayesha about wedding her. Munawar says it was private and individual so I can’t discuss it. Abhishek says I’m only upset for what occurred with Isha, I simply don’t have any desire to raise individual stuff now.

The columnist asks Vicky that you said you have 200 individuals behind you against Munawar, do you have the inner self of being rich or being Ankita’s significant other. Vicky says I’m glad for being rich and Ankita’s significant other as I have attempted to get these. I was battling with Munawar so I needed to say something yet don’t pass judgment on me on that as I have done beneficial things too in the show. The columnist asks Ankita that at whatever point a few passes a remark on you then you cause a major situation yet you were seen telling Mannara that she ought to smell Vicky’s socks and sit in men’s laps. That right is as well? Ankita says I was sorry to Mannara however Mannara expresses mean things as well. She remarks on others’ characters as well. I expressed words to her out of resentment. The writer tells Vicky that you said your marriage was a speculation so did you wed her to become well known? You showed it like on the off chance that you were not there for her then she would be out and about, she wouldn’t have the option to continue on and wouldn’t track down any person if not for you. She inquires as to whether their relationship is about venture as it were? Ankita says dislike that, he has cherished me the most and forfeited a ton for me. Vicky says she dealt with serious consequences regarding me. The writer asks Vicky that you told Ankita in the event that he opens his mouth then it won’t be great for her so you need to get out whatever you were discussing. Vicky says I could have expressed it out of resentment yet it was extremely private. The columnist says then you shouldn’t have brought it up. Vicky says I understand my mix-up now, I will deal with it. The columnist asks Mannara that you passed remarks on Ayesha however when Isha remarked on you then you lashed out? Mannara says Ayesha used to look for validation from Munawar so it looked modest on account of their set of experiences. It was a modest follow up for Ayesha’s benefit to come here on Munawar’s name, utilizing a digital recording and not getting it altered. I don’t utilize others to make my vocation like Ayesha.

The columnist asks Vicky for what reason would he say he is finding it hard to cut from Mannara? you were seen telling Mannara yesterday additionally that she would look se*y in that outfit. It exasperated Ankita. Vicky says Ankita commended Munawar ordinarily however I never made an issue out of it. Ankita says Munawar doesn’t jab Vicky like Mannara does to Ankita. Ankita asks Vicky assuming he called her s*xy? he expresses not by any stretch. The writer inquires as to whether she set a story about Vicky here as a womanizer? perhaps her previous connections broke on account of her possessiveness as well? Ankita says I won’t discuss the past however I converse with Vicky about what I feel. I simply feel Mannara used to jab me since she would converse with my better half to make me uncertain. I just disliked Vicky offering her a lot of consideration.

Bigg Manager thanks the columnists for coming to the show and addressing them. All prisoners say thanks to them.

9:15 PM

Ankita lets Mannara know that she has become popular, they were posing a great deal of inquiries to her. Mannara says its getting hot due to inquiries on Vicky and I. I could do without it by any means. Ankita says I explained all that and apologized to you too. Vicky says they asked me such countless inquiries. Ankita embraces him, Vicky says it appears as though I was certainly not a decent spouse to you. I feel like all spouses are consuming my sculptures outside. Ankita says dislike that, I love you.

9:30 PM

Mannara tells Ankita that I feel like Vicky was near Isha in the entire show so why Vicky and my kinship turned out to be so well known? Ankita says they could have preferred your pair, I explained that there was nothing among you and Vicky. I was simply being a shaky spouse and I’m alright with that.

Abhishek tells Vicky that there were exceptionally less inquiries against Ankita, Vicky says they were all against me.

Mannara lets Ankita know that she is stressed over the story outside. Ankita says there is no story like that, it was my issue with my better half and I have acknowledged my weakness towards my significant other. Mannara says your better half ought to have quit engaging me then, at that point, Ankita expresses that is among you and Vicky. Mannara says I was never attempting to jab you. Ankita says you let me know that I am shaky about my better half which jabbed me. Mannara says I never purposely jabbed you, in the event that I am conversing with Vicky then jabbing you not.

Vicky tells Abhishek that Mannara inquired as to whether her dress is great so I said OK, it is. Abhishek says her inquiry was off-base. Munawar says I disregard her when she asks me something to that effect.

Ankita lets Mannara know that she is upset for hauling her in this, I simply thought you were jabbing me yet it was Vicky’s problem for not grasping me. Mannara says I simply don’t have any desire to call Vicky out for the time being. Ankita says its your call with him. I’m moronic that I concentrated completely on this subject however I need to end it and I am sorry to you. I don’t have anything against you. Mannara says I never realize that they were showing my discussions with Vicky in such a manner. Ankita embraces her and says I’m truly upset for my awful words and projections. Mannara says you have apologized to me commonly. Ankita says I’m truly upset for everything.

Abhishek tells Vicky that he ought to stop Mannara when she poses abnormal inquiries. Vicky says I will thoroughly disregard her now, I’m not a simpleton. Vicky tells Munawar that Bigg Supervisor played with them.

Munawar tells Ankita that Mannara thinks she says she remains by her words then it makes her seem to be a resilient individual yet I don’t figure things will be ordinary between us after she said all that to me regardless stands by it.

Mannara lets Arun know that she converses with everybody except her story with Vicky became negative in light of Ankita, I don’t grasp it. Arun says Ankita acknowledged her misconceptions so its OK. Mannara says the media scrutinized her and Ankita was exceptionally impolite to me there. She said I did all that to jab her however at that point she was sorry later on.

12 AM

Vicky embraces Ankita and says they will make everything fine with the family likewise, everything will be alright. I’m grieved.

Munawar tells Abhishek that Vicky’s mom made more issues for them. Abhishek says she could jump at the chance to be popular, she loved conversing with the media and made statements that she would have rather not. Munawar impersonates Vicky’s mom conversing with the media, Abhishek chuckles.

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